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    dw smart practice?

    I discovered my vater practice pad has the same thread size and used that for the main/snare pad. That’s made it a little better. But even if I can position the kick pad closer it’s very harsh and makes a lot of noise/vibration so I’m using my billy Hyde’s Gibraltar pad and moving the tree out...
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    dw smart practice?

    hey guys, I got one of these yesterday but I'm already thinking of selling it. The pads are quite loud and flimsy but the killer for me is the pedal attachment.. your beaters go way past vertical to hit the kick pad. I'm wondering if anyone knows any setup tricks or remedies for this before I...
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    Wy Yung Dale Cleary

    Thanks for posting that. I had not seen that writeup or that video. He sounded great, and not just for someone who'd been away from the drums. Getagrippa, good to see you're still posting and hope you're doing well too. I think I have an addictive personality and do things to death (one of them...
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    Wy Yung Dale Cleary

    Hi Drummerworld, I haven't been on here much in recent years but just want to acknowledge the passing of drummerworld member Wy Yung from Australia, aka Dale Cleary. You might remember his impressive arsenal of gear which he posted many pictures of, or his long and thoughtful posts. He was a...
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    Cowbell Mount

    ^ I would probably use what's posted above but in the meantime at home I've used a tom arm clamped to a cymbal stand. I have the dw hoop clamp but can't bring myself to risk my drum hoop, despite it having a soft protective surface.
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    A stray stick into your rack tom

    I don't think I've played any of my kits at length without poking my stick straight into the shell of the rack tom directly in front of my snare, and either leaving a pockmark or small scratch. I'm really bummed about doing it to my new kit, it's the tiniest little spot but now I know it's there...
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    Negative effects of positive feedback.

    It's really weird but when I first started playing gigs people would come up to me and compliment me all the time. I think I was playing okay but in hindsight there may have been a degree of encouragement in their compliments, like "you're almost there buddy, keep up the good work!" Then I...
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    Making Some Progress

    Rock and Roll is a tough song! That intro confuses most drummers and the double handed (unisons) on the snare and hats are very fast. Attempting songs that may be a little too difficult can teach you what your weaknesses are, so it's never a waste of your time. Maybe try a 6/8 tune like "since...
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    A solo

    Good to see some familiar faces are still around, thanks fellas :D
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    A solo

    Been a while, I miss checking out all the cool players in here so I'm gonna share the last thing I recorded - a little solo on my sakae kit The snare is a mapex nomad and I cranked it up ala Two Princes style
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    12" snare volume is enough?

    I think Loveshack was recorded with a 12x7 Brady jarrah block snare, it’s definitely going to be loud enough if you go for the right construction. I took a 12” mapex phantom snare to a rock gig once, at the end of the night I noticed how much it chewed my sticks. Either I was hitting harder to...
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    Help purchasing Mapex Saturn V MH Exotic

    I have 2 Saturn kits and some add on drums mostly in studioease sizes but I’d be keen to try the fast set. Reasons for this: I recently bought a sakae kit with the same Tom sizes and the 10x7 and 12x8 are so nice and easy to setup over the kick and speak very clearly, it’s a refreshing change...
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    Hardest “simple” things to play on drums

    I don’t know if you’d call it a disco fill but playing the snare on 3 +a like in this somg
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    Pearl or Mapex

    I have put together and tuned a pearl export at a shop I used to teach at... I just couldn't get the floor tom to tune up with the stock heads, I felt like maybe that drum wasn't perfectly in round or the bearing edge was dodgy, or perhaps it was the head? It was otherwise ok, the snare was...
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    Using metronome smarter way to develop time

    I just started mucking around with this too. To start off I just set a timer and do 5 minutes at 70 bpm of each (1, e, + and a). Haven't tried triplets yet. I'm hoping it will clean up all my timing in between the quarter note clicks, as I think I am confident at hitting those quarter notes...