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    Tama Swingstar Question

    if you put wood hoops on it instead of metal it classes up the look and I'd replace the conventional mounts with some kind of suspension mounts to make the toms sing. If you want more definition, strip that zola coat crap out of there. Tung oil works better to protect the wood and it doesn't...
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    Tama Swingstar Question

    +the made in Japan Swingstars are more sought-after than the later "made in Taiwan" version and that stuff on the inside was called "zola coat" (which I never cared for myself.) I stripped that coating off of the inside of the shell and the drums sounded better without it. Tip: just wipe the...
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    Why did the parallel action snare die?

    I thought that with a parallel snare setup you don't need a snare bed on the shell which would make tuning easier. Is that true??? I've always found the lugs nearest the snare beds to be problematic so I think it would be an advantage if the shell didn't have snare beds but rather a mechanism...