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    What are you working on?

    Anything in particular? Got any goals? New styles n' that? At the moment I'm: - Trying out different grips. I play matched-American grip but started to get a bit of left wrist pain, so now I'm playing a bit of French grip, traditional, and believe it or not, double traditional. Not that it's...
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    Does anyone else hate splash cymbals?

    Alright, not hate, but just a kind of disdain for them. Maybe it's me being a bit particular. There's a very specific sound that I go for; it's quietly dynamic, woody, brushy and played on a small kit - I only use two snares, my floor tom bass and a set of hi-hats. Style wise; Bernard Purdie...
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    Drum Set set ups

    Drum set up opinions Alright? Nice forum you have here. This is half introductory and half inquisitive, thought I'd post it over here but I've got no problem if a moderator wants to move it. Been playing for about six years; funk/reggae/RnB/DnB kinda stuff. Important note; these days I pretty...