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    Billy Ray has a double!

    Billy Ray, you have a double on the other side of the pond. I had to look twice at this.
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    New Pancake Set

    A couple of solos on the newest version of my Pancake drums. More details of the set is in the DIY thread. I'm not quite used to the new configuration of the toms. All my life I've had a single tom in front of me. Sure is a lot different splitting the center in two. I'm back to using the OFF-SET...
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    Heads for single-headed toms?

    I'd like some suggestions for heads to go on shallow, single-headed toms. I did a search on youtube and nothing significant came up. I used Pinstripes and then Hydraulics on a full set (8-22) of Remo Legaro drums 20 years ago. The Hydraulics worked okay. Just so muted. On this current set-up...
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    New CD Miledge Muzic

    It's been a long haul but, we finally got our CD out there. First thing I've done in 35 years. Kind of makes the old bones feel a bit alive and well.
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    DIY Remote H-H stand?

    Does anyone know how to make a remote hi hat out of a standard h-h stand? I found one yt video but, the guy doesn't explain how he made his. I know bicycle brake cable is a main component. Just can't figure out a way to attach it or how to place a permanent spring in the upper pipe section.
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    Eyes - fascinating

    Very cool pictures of animal eyes, and guessing where they belong.
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    Spain - Stunning A rendition of Chick Corea's, 'Spain' by the violinist Maiko. No drums, but the percussive nature of the pianist and guitarist is incredible. The performance is stunning.
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    Drumnetics 3XF is here!

    Mike Van Dyk's Drumnetics web site and pedal are up and running: The site looks nice, as does the new 3XF pedal. Sleek and classy. $329 + $20 shp. I'm biased because I have switched and use them and love them, but I dare say when players get exposed to magnetic repulsion...
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    And for my next number ...

    Kind of incredible what kind of talent exists in every pocket on the globe now. I just stumbled upon this. The guy gets into it, that's for sure. I've been thinking about various threads and the idea of entertainment. I'm not a stick twirler. Nor is this guy, but if entertainment is part of...
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    groove vs chops?

    Whenever a discussion happens about players who have great speed and moves there are comments about grooving - BUT, can he/she/they groove? In thinking about this I am not able to come up with a single example of a drummer who has all the technique and CANNOT groove. Being drummers, having to...
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    Miledge Muzic Montage

    Montage from the coming CD - Miledge Music, Vol.1, Despise Not the Day of Small Beginnings. Instrumental. Free-form, though not free of form. Composition on the fly, I like to call it. Jam band with a purpose. It's like a sound track with no movie. Pretty much fusion, rock, ambient, funk, jazz...
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    Drumnetics 3XF coming soon

    For anyone interested Mike Van Dyk is going to manufacture the pedals himself, and is working with his new CNC now. I hope the new pedals are out very soon. A vid I just uploaded with new developments about the pedal's design and function -
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    Anyone play Heartwood Drums?

    I've made my own drums for 20+ years and never looked back. Aside from making some solid wood stave snare drums I've always used plywood (Keller). Of every material out there I must admit to being intrigued by Rich Ferdolage's Heartwood shells - shells cut concentrically from one tree. Very...
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    Just how much DO drummers make?

    Was just driving around thinking about this. People ask what they can do to make a living playing drums. Aside from many variables about "making a living," does anyone know what professional drummers make in the lines of those like Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Vinnie, Virgil, and others who are top...
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    G. L. Stone Stick Control PDF?

    I haven't found it but wanted to ask if anyone has ever seen Stick Control sold as a downloadable PDF.