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    A little swung sunshine

    Thanks man. When a groove feels good in the song, why mess with it, right?
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Recently rediscovered this mega album from a few years back by Bobby, Joey, Billy and David. So good to just absorb the mutual fellowship of these cats.
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    A little swung sunshine

    Our jazz group has really morphed into a variety band, covering a wide array of music, but it always ends up sounding like us (for better or worse). While adding some classic rock tunes, we decided to do Sunshine of Your Love - but I wanted to swing it. Might not be everyone's taste, but it's...
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    My Band's Just Released Video

    Right on. Nice organic, musical sound.
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    What do you do with the tubes brushes are sold in?

    A pair of those tubes makes an interesting alternate percussion effect as sticks. Be careful not to hit too hard, though, or they crack quickly.
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    Hiring out renovations vs. DIY

    I'm handy enough to do a lot of simple maintenance tasks (most recent was to remove and re-install a leaking toilet) or small home projects. The biggest decision for me is what is the risk if something goes wrong. We need to replace our shower enclosure. I want to make sure it drains properly...