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    Attention all raw bell dry ride owners...

    What I like about my Bash Ride is the tone. It has that perfect tone that I know when I hear it. Peace and goodwill.
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    A Jazz Drummer's "Stickitis"

    My preferred stick is a 55A, sometimes using a stick like that, sometimes using a 5B or a 5A. Now I am using a 5A because I am now playing in a small church. I have been considering a stick a bit smaller than a 5A to help me keep the volume reasonable. Peace and goodwill.
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    My Cymbal Story or Cymbal Confession II

    There is yet another update! The guy who gave the drum set to our church also gave cymbals that are Sabian B8 Pros. Today, I got out the ride and the hats and used them in this morning's service. Thus I brought the Paiste 13 inch Medium Hats home. The B8 Pro Ride is very pingy, and when I...
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    Which Tom?

    I only use two toms, and I tune /change heads on the smaller tom first. Peace and goodwill.
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    My Cymbal Story or Cymbal Confession II

    Last night when we played at church, I took the SR2 18 inch Thin cymbal and used it as a crash / ride. My son said it sounds good. So now I have both the AA 21 inch Bash Ride and the HHX 20 inch Evolution Ride. Peace and goodwill.
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    Evans EMAD Coated or GMAD for Deep-Sounding 22" Kick(Batter)?

    There is such a thing as too much low end. I hardly ever play in a situation where the bass drum is miced. If the bass drum is tuned too low, it will not be heard. Drums sound very different from the audience side than they do to the drummer. Peace and goodwill.
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    Evans EMAD Coated or GMAD for Deep-Sounding 22" Kick(Batter)?

    To me tuning a bass drum is all about tone. Sometimes I have to tune it up a bit to get good tone. I never tune any drum "just above a wrinkle" (JAW). Peace and goodwill.
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    I love the Sabian SR2 concept. What's been your experience?

    I know this an old thread. I am bringing it back because I now have three more SR2 cymbals. My hats sound great, and they are a 14 inch Medium on top and a Heavy on the bottom. Both of those have large hammer marks. My SR2 18 inch Thin was bought as a crash, but I found out later that it is...
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    Sabian AAX Concept Crash Cymbal - 17 inch - Sweetwater Exclusive

    I bought one of those last year. To me that is a great crash cymbal. I much prefer thin crashes, and that one really delivers. Peace and goodwill.
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    Virgin kick or not?

    When I bought my Saturn V kit in November 2018, there was no tom mount on the bass drum. I nearly always play one up, one down. So I mounted the rack tom with a clamp and tom arm from a cymbal stand. I did not like that too much. Then I bought a Gibraltar tom stand, That was better, but it...
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    Purchasing multiple cymbals at the same time

    Getting two crashes at the same time is a good way to go. I did that the last two times I bought cymbals, and in both cases, they work very well together. In the past I have made cymbal purchases that were mistakes even though I took my existing cymbals to a well stocked store. I also have...
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    K Custom 20" Dark Cash as a ride

    Even though I am a total Sabian guy, I prefer the K as a ride. It has better tone and a better bell sound. Peace and goodwill.
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    Time Capsule '67 Supraphonic

    I would just buy a new one for much less. Metal does not age the same way as wood, so that seems very over priced to me. Peace and goodwill.
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    Seeking best price on Custom Drumsticks in Bulk

    I have known Frank for years because he used to work at Scott's Drum Center. La Backbeat sticks last longer than any other wooden sticks I have used. I have been playing drums for over fifty years and have played almost every stick out there. Peace and goodwill.
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    Poll: What kind of drummer are you?

    I play blues, classic rock, a little country, and church praise and worship. I always try to play what the song calls for. Peace and goodwill.