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    Real wood veneers, or engineered?

    I care about how the drums sound. I care about how they look. I care about how well the drums last (durability). How they are described does not matter to me at all. Peace and goodwill.
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    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Here my new setup of my only kit. Peace and goodwill
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    Looking for recommendations for lightweight cymbal stands.

    I like the Gibraltar 4700 series. I have two of the boom stands, and they are light weight and sturdy. Peace and goodwill.
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    Mounted vs virgin kick

    I finally put a tom mount on my bass drum. It is a Gibraltar. Peace and goodwill.
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    The Saturn 'exhibition room' (post your saturn kits)

    Here is my updated kit. I added a Pearl-style tom holder to the bass drum (even though it is actually a Gibraltar). Peace and goodwill.
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    Here is a picture of my cymbals. I finally got a chance to play them all together, and they sound very good to me. Peace and goodwill.
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    I had a Sabian AA 16" Thin Crash that sounded rather splashy. The 15" SR2 Thin Crash I bought yesterday does not sound splashy. Peace and goodwill.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Yesterday I bought a Sabian SR2 15" Thin Crash. It blends well with what I already had. Peace and goodwill.
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    I ended up with these cymbals (long story). 21" HHX Evolution Ride 17" AA Medium-Thin Crash 14" SR2 Hats (medium top, heavy bottom) Even though the Evolution Ride is very crashable, I felt I need another crash. So today I bought an SR2 15" Thin Crash for $99. So I have ended up with 15" and...
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    Heads with a Warm Sound

    My favorite snare batter head ever is the Evans coated UV2. Peace and goodwill.
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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    Now for my fifth response to this topic: AAX 20" Dry ride AAX 19" X-plosion Crash (used as a crash-ride) I ended up taking both of the above cymbals to church. I brought home an HHX 21" Evolution Ride, which is very crashable. SR2 14" Hats (heavy bottom, medium top) I still have these hats...
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    Cymbal Stand Help / Advice

    I have cut the top off of two different cymbals stands in the past to use cymbal springs on them for a China cymbal. Maybe that is what happened. Peace and goodwill.
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    One less tom/cymbal - stripping down kit

    Right now I am using two toms, bass drum, and snare. For cymbals it is hats, 17" crash, and 21" crashable ride (HHX Evolution). That is about as small as I want to go. Peace and goodwill.
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    Carter Beauford Replica

    That looks like fun to play. Way to go. Peace and goodwill.
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    No ride? good, bad idea?

    My 19" Sabian AAX X-plosion Crash makes a good washy ride. Peace and goodwill.