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    Used Zildjian ZBT - Worth it?

    Go to and listen. One can learn much about cymbals there. It helps to have good speakers and/or headphones. Peace and goodwill.
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    Got a new project to work on

    Lucky you! That is way cool. Enjoy those great musical instruments. Peace and goodwill.
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    Picking the right sticks

    Lately I have used a 5A Pro Mark or the La Backbeat version. I have used everything from a 7A to a 2B. Use what feels good in your hands and lasts a reasonable amount of time. I have not broken a stick in many years. I have a friend who liked using 7A's, but he broke them often. Peace and...
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    Which Crash to Buy?

    Good observation! I have not cracked any cymbal for over forty years. I rarely play loud. I know the picture is not very good. Thanks for all the responses. Peace and goodwill.
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    Which Crash to Buy?

    Here they are. All is well in cymbal land at my house. Peace and goodwill.
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    I like the one mounted tom to be over the bass drum, which cannot be done with a snare stand. I tried mounting the one tom from a cymbal stand, and then I got a Gibraltar platform stand. I eventually gave up mounting the 12" tom on a stand and drilled and attached a two-hole tom mount. It...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Here are the two cymbals I got last week: AAX 17" and 18" Studio Crashes. Also, here is some hardware I got today. Peace and goodwill.
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution.... new twist!

    I like what they have done, but it really does not matter because I am very happy with the drums I have. Peace and goodwill.
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Would (and have): Mapex, Grestch, Pearl Would not (and have not): DW, Tama, Yamaha Right now, all my drums are Mapex. Peace and goodwill
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    Is there something going on w Modern Drummer? Subscription Issues

    I subscribed in early December and have not received any issues yet. I contacted MD, and they said I would get the February issue. Peace and goodwill.
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    Drums/Cymbals Ratio

    I have two other drums and four other cymbals and the hardware to use all of it. However, I never use it all. Peace and goodwill.
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    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Yes, I am very left handed and right footed, so I play open handed. I have been playing like that for over fifty years. Peace and goodwill.
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    Drums/Cymbals Ratio

    I only play four drums. My cymbals are currently five (hats, ride, China, two crashes). At church the cymbals are seven (hats, ride, China, splash, three crashes). With my gear the drums cost more than the cymbals. Peace and goodwill.
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    My New Cymbal Setup (and hopefully my last)

    I am left handed and right footed, so I play open handed. So most of the cymbals are on the left. I play the ride and China with my left hand and play the crashes with either hand. Peace and goodwill.
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    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    My drums have not changed, but my cymbals have. So I am posting some pictures I took today. My new cymbal setup is all Sabian except where noted. 21" AA Bash Ride (my favorite ride ever) 18" AAX Studio Crash 17" AAX Studio Crash 16" Wuhan China 14" SR2 Hats (medium top, heavy bottom) Peace...