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    Gretsch New Classic Rewrap Suggestions

    Here's my Gretsch ssb in green sparkle.
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    Gretsch New Classic Rewrap Suggestions

    I'm partial to silvsounding kit too btw. Honeatly, l would leave it alone. er sparkle so gold is the next. Gold sparkle or glass looks classy. My NC is wrapped in vintage nitron glass which is a dark antique glass(gold sparkle.
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    Favourite Drummer, Bass player Combo

    Wooten & Chambers
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    Snaredrum dilemma!

    For the money, I would buy a snare drum kit from as they have multiple shells to pick from. They have the black brass shell 6.5x14 kit. Check that out first. Comes with everything you need.
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    China/Trash Cymbals - what for ?

    I like the 14" K mini china a lot. I also have Wuhan 14". I have a Stagg 20" that I don't use that's for sale. When I use one I like the sound to be in & out. Fast. I got the 20" because I wanted experiment with riding on one like Billy Cobham/Mel Lewis do. It's just not the right china for that...
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    Mapex M series?

    No one will pay top dollar for a refinished kit unless it's a Gretsch & it's done properly. I have more in them than I can get back for the shells.
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    Post your Gig Pics

    Me in 2014 playing in my old cover band getting down on a Gretsch USA 73 ssb kit. This vid is from 2019.
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    Mapex M series?

    This is my ProM. It was purple trans but the kit was not well taken care of. I traded a 12 gauge for it. I sanded the original finish & stained them natural. It was a cool kit for gigging. I have this kit and another kit I bought so it's 22/20 kicks 14/16 fl toms 8/10/12/13 toms. It's all torn...
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    Best Snare Wires for LM400?

    Btw-I have a 30 strand on a brass Pearl Sensitone 1st gen drum that sounds amazing.
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    Best Snare Wires for LM400?

    There are no set rules. Do you tune high or low? Do you like your snare ringy or dry? What do you play for music? Do you hit hard or soft? Those questions need to be answered. I like 30 to 42 strand snares because I like the sensitivity. I use a set of 30 strand on my Supra because it's a...
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    Snare Poll

    I have a Dunnett Classic SS 6.5X14. It's beastly & black with Olivia DeBernardinis pinup girls decals. It sounds & looks amazing.
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    Gretsch New Classic kit

    That's around what I was thinking with new G1 or G2 on top. These are killer drums. Mike Patton told me the shells for mine are made in USA. Assembled in Taiwan. My music teacher/JU Percussion Dr Tony Steve came over & said that was the best tuned kit he ever played. They came with G1 coated &...
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    Gretsch New Classic kit

    I have a 2010 kit with 22/20/16/14/12/10/8. I bought new in 2010 in Vintage Nitron Glass wrap. What's the kit worth? It sounds like a USA kit. Bass drums are virgin & toms and floor toms have clamps/legs. Only gigged once. Also have SKB cases available in same sizes. You don't ever see them with...
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    Scaling down your kit. Experiences and thoughts?

    My gig kit is a 2up 1down with snare & single kick/pedal. Ride/crashes(3)/hats on two stands & clamped hi hat stand. My 14" crash is on the hat. A lot of times I just roll with 2 crashes. Simple is good. Cover bands setup & loading in is easier without the multiple toms. I made an inventory on a...
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    Any hockey fans?

    Pens fan.