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    I was wondering what is the pay like if you were one of the top musicians in the world? I m sure guys like Weckl, Gadd, etc must get paid well?
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    DISTINGUISH between FAKE and REAL sticks!

    Hey guys, I ordered a whole bunch of sticks off ebay(vic firth 5As) and I was wondering what are symptoms that will let me know whether the stick is fake? Overall in appearance they look 100% genuine.
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    jay z, j dilla, madlib, common bla bla and there are many more...wat dyu guys think of these guys? do y all like hip hop or???
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    hi guys, im searching for a quality audio interface that is compatible with my mac. mite anyone point me in the right direction and any tips before i buy anything??
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    Getting started with recording hardware...

    hi guys im looking for a book that has info for a beginner like me in this area, the know how on what to buy and look for when it comes to buying recording hardware only, something up to date
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    Latin jazz bands please

    hey there reader, i ve been tryin to catch a hold of some nice latin jazz music that contains lots of drum solos, been dyin to hear some latin gud latin rythms as well. it ll be great if u cud point me to bands that have one the more famous drummers in them and anything else, heheh...
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    Being Picky

    I m a little picky when it comes to what style of music I play and with whom I share the stage with...Is this ok for artists, being a little picky with the kind of players you associate with and playing for music you enjoy...I mean, I always like to play with guys who bring a warm feeling, the...
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    Marine Metal

    guys, i ve heard some us marines sometimes play some heavy distortion music during combat, if any of u know some of the actual songs and artist names plse lemme know, i like to use it for when i workout...
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    Practice Sticks

    i have a 2 and half month old pair of vic firth 5A s, i think my sweat has dampened the wood over time so it feels a little heavier than a brand new pair and of course less responsive which is why i like using these to practice with, but usually is it better to practice with new sticks?
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    Drum Skin Tension

    i was wondering, do most drummers like the skin very taut, obviously depends on wat sound u want...i like my skins taut, but i like lower end sounds...i havent experimented much with tuning, actually i know nothing bout it, but wat if i liked a taut skin, but wanted to produce a low end...
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    Practicing Rudiments

    i was practicing rudiments on a non - rebound surface(pillows) today and this makes my hands nice and supple, but is it necessary to work on a rebounding surface(pad, snare, etc...) as well? the feel of the rebounding surface is different and i m still trying to get my fingers into play...any...
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    is the moeller technique a must for every drummer??!!

    come to think of it, every drummer i have seen uses this technique somewhat in their playing, not to mention jojo mayer and his dvd...i don t think there is any drummer who s great and doesn t know this technique????????????????????????????????????????
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    Yin yang thing

    i was just wondering is it true that melody cannot exist without rhythm and vice versa, relating to yin yang philosophy...correct me if im wrong, i believe that melody cannot exist without rhythm otherwise it d just be noise of a certain pitch and rhythm without melody wud have no dynamics...
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    Piano or sax?

    i dunno which one to take up, drums is my main instrument...i know learning piano is more useful for me, but any words u guys mite have wud be appreciated to help me make up my mind...true i can do both, what do u guys think?? any advice...
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    Weight training effects on drumming (advice needed)

    i started to lift weights couple of weeks ago, if u guys have any problems u can forsee that might affect my playing plse say so...also, do u think it wud be a smarter idea to stik simply to bodyweight exercises, for a musician it shud be a better idea for times when u re on the road, no access...