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    Police Whistle...

    Why is a police whistle considered a percussion instrument? In my concert band we are playing Star Wars (just like almost every other concert band) and on the percussion part there is a police whistle. Wikipedia calls it a "blown percussion instrument," although percussion makes sound by...
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    Tom-Lug help

    So I was practicing on my drum set and I noticed that the studio ring on my 13 inch tom looked kind of wavy. I checked it out and it was actually the head that was wavy. A lug had broken off. I've never had this happen before. So, do I just buy a new one? What causes it to come off?
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    What's Your Band Name?

    Whats the name of your guys' bands? Mine's called Centipede
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    In ear or over ear...noise canceling or not... I'm looking at buying some headphones to use for drumming and was wondering what you guys use. I've tried some "noise canceling" and they've done no such thing...what are your thoughts?
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    Thanks Veterans!

    Thank you for your service to all of you veterans out there.
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    How many songs does your band have?

    How many songs does your band(s) have that you play at gigs?
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    Need Some Help...

    I know this isn't exactly drum related but Im gonna ask it anyway. So, Im in the band for my school. Last year i was a seventh grader (the youngest grade in the school) but i was in the advanced band because of my drumming. But this year the schedules got mixed up and there are some seventh...
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    Whats the best cymbals

    I recently won a $500 music scholarship through my school. I'm thinking about buying some new cymbals. What are some good cymbals that i could buy with that money?