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    Art Blakey

    Wow. I'm surprised nobody has started a thread about Art Blakey. I don't think so anyways..But yeah. I like Art Blakey. He did some real good stuff. The Jazz Messengers was some real good stuff. How do you like him? Art Blakey is an awesome drummer, and an awesome band leader I think. Art...
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    Jimmy Chamberlin

    Does anybody like Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins like I do? What do you think of him? I think he's a good drummer, and he was actually one of the first to get me into drums. Has anyone seen him live with The Smashing Pumpkins? And this may be a really dumb question, but is he related...
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    Alex Van Halen

    Hey there. Are there any Alex Van Halen fans? I truly think he's one of the greatest drummers of rock n' roll. What do you guys think of him, and his playing? He's definately one of my favorites. He's great in the song, "Hot for Teacher". Alex Van Halen's page on DrummerWorld.
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    Gene Krupa

    Woah. I just noticed nobody has talked about Gene Krupa. He's definately one of my favorites. What do you guys think of his impact and talent? I also like Benny Goodman, who he played with..