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    Thoughts on jamming over the Internet

    still experimenting with jamkazam. Getting closer. Leaning towards a best practice of one person leading and everyone follows that same person. The leader may experience some latency from the others but if the others all focus on one person it reduces the accumulated latency. I tried it with my...
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    The early stages of using the Roland SPD-SX in a band situation

    I am always tinkering with my samples. Simple things like increasing or decreasing reverb can make a big difference. I use a clap sample that I overdubbed several times. Works great in some places. But in a song with constant 1/8 note claps the reverb made it all muddy. I have tended to get...
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    Neil Peart

    RIP Neil Peart. I'm still shocked.
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    Thoughts on jamming over the Internet

    A few members of my band tried it last night. All connected via Ethernet and all in the same city. It is a no go. For one person to play, and another person play along, the second person hears everything fine. But the second persons sound being heard by the first person was off by a lot. I...
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    Not getting enough volume from Alesis Sample pad

    So I have had a number of gigs with my Alesis Sample Pad (4). Mostly with our own PA but one with a house PA. Recently the bass player that was handled the PA left the band. Two recent gigs since then have been a challenge to get the Alesis setup right through the PA. I was able to get good...
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    RIP Walter Becker

    If I could only have one song to listen to the rest of my life this would be it.
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    Bass drum mic causing feedback? Alesis?

    Our last gig we had a mysterious feedback we were not able to figure out. Has anyone experienced feedback problems from a bass drum mic on a non-ported drum head angled across the head? After the gig I wondered if it might be the culprit. The keys player was just ahead of me and to the left, the...
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    Have a cigar time changes

    Ok so I just had "Have a Cigar" added to the set list for [I]this Saturday![I] The singer mentioned the spot in the song just before "riding the gravy train" and that he has trouble with the time and needed my bass drum to cue him. I listened to it quickly and there does seem to be a time...
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    Has anyone used the app Band Mule?

    Just joined a new band and they want to organize, schedule, and share information better. They are considering Band Mule. Does anyone have any experience with it? There are a very limited amount of user reviews in the app store.
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    Advice for Cover Bands on Facebook

    I have some issues with a member of our band on our use of Facebook. We have a band page and we have an ok number of followers. His view is so restricted, feeling we should only post right before and after a gig. My experience in business and looking at some articles for bands use of social...
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    Laws regarding cover bands!

    I have mixed thoughts about this. I wonder how bands feel about this. I can see recording and selling bothering them, but do they really feel like they are getting ripped off if a cover band plays their tunes?
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    Drum stick selection tool? Brand agnostic?

    So after a long time without playing I have been playing again for a little over three years. I play classic rock, some pop, and some blues. Years ago I used 2B sticks. When I started back I used 5Bs. After a bit they felt like clubs! I am not a hard hitter. So I switched to 7As, which I am...
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    Playing on Halloween? Costumes ideas for drummers?

    We have a gig on Haloween night and have been asked to wear costumes. I have one in mind but not certain yet. So hoping you guys have some ideas. My idea? Ghost of John Bonham!
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    Lesson learned! Set up on a level surface

    So this past Sunday we played at a co-op farm for their open house.Blistering hot but well attended and a good crowd and a chance to use my new drums. The tent was already in place and I did not have much of an option in terms of choosing where I set up. I found the most flat space I could. Set...
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    Nick in the bearing edge of my new drum. Concern?

    I ordered a drum kit from Mapex and just received one of the drums. Doing a close inspection I saw something that looked like a crack in one of the plys. After I took the batter off I saw that it was just a colorization issue with that ply. But, I did find a nick in the bearing edge. It is...