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    remo silentstroke ....

    remo silentstroke, someone has some experience???? Want to make my first drum silent so i can use it to play at home, now that i have a new drum :) thx.
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    To SE or NOT to SE, thats the question. Paiste!

    Hi there :D I have played allot of cymbals and brands, and just got a set 2002's. Just now need a hi hat, and i played agen allot of brands and types and i'm gonna stick whit paiste. i have a 18" crash that gives the warm and clear sound and a 20" power crash and 20" heavy ride that gives that...
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    Mapex Falcon problems

    Hi all :) 6 months ago i got the mapex falcon single pedal direct drive and chaine. Afther a 4hrs rehersel my beaterstick is bend. Used up 6 beaters... someone else had this prob? got a dw 9000 now, but still wanna use the falcon in the future. thx =)
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    hmmmm need some help.

    Hi all, i am looking to buy a new drum, but not have the oportunoty to test allot of drums out there (i live in the middle of nowhere) and i was woundering if someone got some expeiance whit some of the drums i wanna buy. a ludwig signet 105 kit, DW design series and Gretsch renown maple...