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    Hierarchy at various manufacturers?

    I just about broke a rib from laughing so hard!!
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    Hierarchy at various manufacturers?

    I get it. The manufacturers all use high-end terminology in their low and mid-priced kits. And so many terms are interchangeable now. It gets confusing.
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    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    I do with they would at least divide the thread by location. Looking at hot deals in Europe doesn't work for those of us in the USA, and vise versa.
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    How can I get my singer to follow a set list?

    It reminds me of the old joke "How do you there is a singer at your door?" "They don't know when to come in"
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    Over or Under

    Bingo. Hi-hat stands came from "low boy" stands has the hats were originally only played with the foot, and not the stick. Then someone got the idea to try to add a center pole to the low boy so one could reach the hats with a stick too. But inventing the hi-hat came in stages. The 1st...
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    Concert toms

    No kidding. But I was referring to the drum set, not classical percussion.
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    Concert toms

    Drum sets have been around since approximately 1890. Concert toms really only became a thing in the late '60s, thru the end of the '70s, bleeding slightly into the early 80s. Maybe a 12-14 year run of being a thing. So out of the 130-year history of drum sets, it was, until recently, only a...
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    Stick supply. When is yours "low?"

    Back when I was playing all the time, yes, I ordered sticks in boxes of 12. Usually two boxes at a time. When I would re-order? I think if I got down to about a half box, it was time to order more. Now that I don't play as much, I'm happy to have two good pairs on hand, and just replace them...
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    The eternal craigslist ads

    Someone with Satriani's management was friends with someone at GC's management. I only worked there for about a year and 1/2, and I got free tickets to see Satriani three times during my time there.
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    The eternal craigslist ads

    Their prices were a little on the high side, and they had signs that prices were firm and not negotiable. So it was certainly not a place to go if you were looking for a deal. I assume they made their money guitars and studio equipment, but I don't know. And even if they did, it seems...
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    The eternal craigslist ads

    I don't look at CL or ebay all that often, but when I do, I tend to notice the same items still for sale. Or for sale again. There was a used musical instrument store in my area called Jammin' Jerseys. I don't know if they ever sold any of their drum kits. They had a large collection of used...
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    Would you spend $200,000 on someone else's custom Ludwigs?

    I'll give you much of Bozzio's career is spent on playing on less than popular records. Even his stuff with Zappa is not exactly everyday listening material for most people. A lot of Bozzio's recordings are obscure. However, he also has been on numerous commercially successful albums...
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    Drummers Gloves

    Gloves come down to how much do your palms sweat? Some people can sweat like crazy and still have dry palms. Other people will sweat from their palms before anywhere else. There is no pro or con, or judgment, it's down to how your body works.
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    Accumulating extra parts along the way.

    I could almost open a drum shop with all the misc parts sitting in the cabinet of my drum room.
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    Would you spend $200,000 on someone else's custom Ludwigs?

    No. But if I did, I want his kit that had the refrigerator disguised as an extra bass drum.