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    What is "Worship Music"?

    Modern Worship Music: Play the slowest, saddest music you can, while singing about how happy you are.
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    What is "Worship Music"?

    I usually just try to capture the general feel. A lot of times it’s not possible to play the exact part. You are trying to cover drum loops, the set player, and possibly some other percussion players. Remember when having singers playing extra floor toms and bass drums was a thing? Our church...
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    What is "Worship Music"?

    While technically any music you worship to is worship music, “Worship Music” is a style of music has evolved over the last 20 years or so. It’s different than gospel and is played in mostly white churches. It started with Hillsong and has moved on to Bethel, Jesus Culture, Elevation, and so on...
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    Question about high hat technique

    When you say they fall apart when you loosen them, do you mean the bottoms nut falls off? Depending on how old/cheap your clutch is, this might not be applicable, but any newer clutch will do it. If your bottom nut will tighten up to a point that it stops, then keep that tight and loosen the...
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    Most stable 2 leg hi hat machine

    I second the Tama Iron Cobra stand. It’s as stable as any three legged I’ve played and folds up for packing much easier than other brands. No drum key needed to set it up or tear it down.
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    Replacement VicFirth DB22s

    Dumb me. Mine do say Peltor H9 on them. They are on Amazon but quite a bit more. I’ll check out the other pair as well.
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    Bob Gatzen/ Billy Martin repro sticks in production

    Is Rich Sticks starting back up?
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    Replacement VicFirth DB22s

    My pair of VF DB22s broke and I went to buy another pair. They’ve been discontinued and all the places I checked online are out of stock. I’m sure VF didn’t make them. They bought them from somewhere and had their logo painted on. I tried a pair of generic ones I bought online and they weren’t...
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    Outdoor gigs - do you do anything different with your kit?

    You will notice that your drums sound smaller. The sound doesn’t bounce back at you off the walls and ceiling. All the lovely low end just goes away.
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    Yamaha People- Pre-YESS tom mounting question

    The further the tom arm goes into the drum the more it interferes with the sound waves moving in the drum and the more it chokes the sound. I haven’t tried it with a Yamaha arm, but I have experimented with Pearl. When I put the tom arm only inside the mount and kept it from entering the shell...
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    Is there something going on w Modern Drummer? Subscription Issues

    I saw a post from Mike Dawson at MD. The postal service is so backed up that people are not getting their issues. To try to help subscribers they are making the current issue available online even if you don’t a digital subscription.
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    Assuming one higher pitched crash cymbal and one lower pitched crash cymbal

    One thing I try to do if I’m crashing over a vocal is to match the crash to the vowel of the word being sung. If the word uses A,E, or I, I might use the higher crash. For O and U, I might use the lower crash. As others have said, nothing is written in stone. It depends on what is going on...
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    Just a little rant about house kits

    There’s one guy who regularly provides the kit at a local blues jam. He replaced all the wing bolts on the hardware with regular hex bolts. He hates people moving anything on his kit. Unless you bring a wrench, there is no adjusting anything.
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    Trouble mounting a 12" Wuhan china on a cymbal stacking arm - need ideas

    It would probably sit flat when you put the other cymbal on top. Also try a larger washer and felt on the bottom. As for tightening it down, you could try a felt, washer, and some kind of memory lock. A cheap hose clamp would work to see if you like it. If it works out you could find a real...