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    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    The humble Acrolite. Looks underwhelming. Sounds great! (Except the black galaxy finish which is quite nice) Deep drums. They sound good though. Monster kits à la Bozzio. Just over the top and not my cup of tea. (Not to be confused with merely big which is fine)
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    Silly quirk - logo on kick

    All my kits have the logo on the bass head. I've always liked the look of that. A kit sort of looks incomplete without it to me. If I don't have the original logo head I'll often buy a decal from fleabay or somewhere too.
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    Holding steady at the moment with an itch to purge. I definitely have more stuff than I need but it's not critical. Though the itch to acquire may rear its head at any moment.
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    Happy anniversary to Pearl

    I know a lot of people dislike the Pearl tom arms but in actual use they work just fine. I have never had any issues dialing in a tom angle quickly on a backline kit for instance. Maybe the hate comes from their egregious misuse by amateurs and beginners as seen in the tom angles thread. 🤷‍♂️...
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    Why is the bass drum called a "Kick Drum"?

    Dudes, I need a hint what the word is. Yes I'm a moron.
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    Post Your Most Cancelable Drum Opinions

    Boutique drums brands are unnecessary. There are only 8 legit drum makers (Ludwig, DW, Gretsch, Tama, Yamaha, Pearl, Mapex, Sonor). If you can't find something in there that suits you, you have issues. (That should get me banned. :ROFLMAO:)
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    Why is the bass drum called a "Kick Drum"?

    You don't kick it but you kick the band with it. ;) I suspect it's more of a sound engineer thing than a drummer thing and when we do say it it's because we've been hanging around too much with sound engineers. I actually don't have a problem with it. It's just musician lingo.
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    Add bass drum mount to bass drum

    I believe INDe has solutions for that. They have great hardware innovations for making vintage kits better for working drummers without permanent mods. Link
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    I may have joined the dark side...Yamaha Stage Custom Birch bop kit

    Yeah, you stole those. Sick deal.
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    No rimshots

    It's fine if you don't care to do them. But I find rimshots on the backbeat have a certain pop that a straight snare hit just doesn't match. Higher dynamics with less effort that just cut through.
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    Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, dead at age 50

    Very, very sad. This is a huge loss way too soon. R.I.P Taylor Hawkins.
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    Getting my gear-toting game happening

    I have a few Galaxy bags. Those are affordable and good enough for normal gigging.
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    I've never been a fan of his show-tune type rock but he was a talented guy. R.I.P
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    Drummer in a Galaxy Far Far Away

    That's pretty cool. I like the cutouts on the drums. They took "hi-hat" literally. :ROFLMAO:
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    Outdated instruments

    When it comes to power toms I used them back in the day because they were the norm and I didn't know any better. I don't mind the look actually, it's the positional limitations I dislike. I'm not a tall guy so a few inches make a huge difference. I used to have to angle power toms quite a bit in...