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    heads for birch?

    hey guys, does anybody know what kind of heads produce a rich deep sound? thanks
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    Axis pedals?

    Hey guys, im wondering about axis pedals. ive heard numerous people say it almost forces you to go faster. that and there NOT for everyone. thanks.
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    Meinl mcs classics series

    Hey guys, is anybody familiar with the meinl mcs, or classics series....ive got a budget of about 350 for a decent set of cymbals and i saw these and was curious. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
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    steel snare problems

    so i have this crappy steel snare drum from a low end set. and i didnt want to spend alot of money on a new snare so i changed out the old heads on it and threw a powerstroke 3 on it. and some new snare wires. but the throw off is broken so i just took them and tightened them under the rim. and...