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    Dream kit

    Drums: 20x14 Le Soprano virgin padouk kick. PS3 batter, Fiberskyn holeless reso. 14x4 Keplinger cast steel snare. Genera HD batter and Hazy 300 reso. Cymbals: 15" K light hats 21" Spizzichino medium ride Hardware: DW 5000 hat stand Yamaha CS3 ride stand Yamaha SS950 snare stand DW 9000 single...
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    Heads for a '69 Supraphonic

    I was very satisfied with the ambassadors on that particular snare.
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    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    I really like the Shira Kashi oak 5A. I've been using them for a few years now and I didn't notice much difference.
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    Tribute to drumsticks

    After I heard a guy playing a darbuka on the street, and killing it, I asked myself why do I even need drumsticks... I wrote an article as a tribute to drumsticks and why do drummers use them.
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    which shell?

    Here you have another article about carved (hollowed log) shell. You may find it helpful. Carved shells
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    which shell?

    Here's a new article I wrote about steam-bent shells. I thought you might be interested. Steam-bent shells
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    which shell?

    I don't have any scientific proof to back up my claim. But I have 2 ears. The video I posted clearly shows that ply shells don't sound like solid wood shells. The sound is right in the middle between wood and metal shells. I have to say that Inde made a remarkable job with those thin highly...
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    which shell?

    Holly s**t!! Wasn't "Keep it simple" the guy working at Guru? I haven't been online for almost a year now. I'm not aware of what is going on in the forum.
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    which shell?

    :) Can you please tell me which drum brand are you involved with?
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    which shell?

    First of all, I need to say that I'm really pleased to have this conversation with a person who obviously knows what is talking about. :) I understand that a drum vibrates as a whole. But this is a topic only about drum shells. Not about fully built drums. I see that the word "glue" got you...
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    Difference between cymbals of the same model

    I think you will be very disappointed if you are looking for the exact same sound. Even if you buy those exact hats you had in high school, the different rooms you play them in will make them sound different. Some rooms will make that sweet chick brightness stand out, while other rooms may...
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    Question about Ludwig Classic Maples

    If you buy a newer Ludwigs, you should be fine. But take your time to check before you take the money out of your pocket
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    Ludwig supra shell rarely drilled

    When my P85 throw-off broke on my black beauty, I bought a new P85AC. When I took off the original throw off, I saw the holes. They were in kind of a triangular shape. Not exactly triangular but surely not round. The new strainer barely fitted in these holes. Maybe the previous owner of your...
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    which shell?

    I party agree with you. You have to take into consideration a lot of factors to see the whole picture. First of all, this post is all about shells. So it doesn't include effects of size, hardware, bearing edges, heads, etc. The same goes for my article where I try to explain the construction...
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    What’s the “Supra” of Piccolos?

    I agree that Yamaha brass 14x3.5 and David Garibaldi's signature are the best in the metal piccolo class, just as the N&C 14x3-7/8" is for wood piccolos. But take a look at Canopus The Bronze 14x4. It's fantastic!