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    Ludwig and Saluda

    So, here's my kit. It's not the most special, but it's mine. It just got a lot more awesomer because I just added a full set of Saluda cymbals to my setup. Here's the basics: Ludwig Accent 5-piece Ludwig 5x14 Acrolite snare drum Saluda 20" Earthworks Ride Saluda 14" Earthworks Hats Saluda 14"...
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    I took the Saluda plunge

    Well, after thinking about it long and hard for a long long time, I finally gave in and decided to take advantage of the trade-in program through Saluda. They gave me a great agreement price for my used Zildjian ZBTs, and I am getting Earthworks Hats and Ride, and Tesla splashes, crashes, and...
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    PASIC 2009

    Anybody on this forum going to PASIC this year in Indianapolis? I just scavenged enough money for registration last week, so I'm really looking forward to it!