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    My Band's Just Released Video

    Sounds like some rock n roll to me. Well done and cheers!
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    What are you doing right now?

    I'm in the category of "watch guy" to most who know me, but I also use my phone LOL. Most of my watch collection is automatic so these days is kind of rare that I even properly set the time on my watch in the morning.
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    What's your favorite "Blues" song?

    I always liked playing "sleepy time time" by Cream, even though I don't do the same as the original, blues is pretty flexible IMO and I like my way better lol.
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    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    Parents were perfectly supporting in my urge to make music or really any type of art for that matter as long as I actually practiced and showed improvement they always paid for things like guitar lessons. I did buy a drumset before I moved out but it always lived at my childhood band's practice...
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    Tool - Schism (drum cover)

    Pretty bad-ass my man. You've come a long way!
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    Original Or Remastered?

    The only person who should call for and have any say in a re-master is the original artist or group. That's the only way you might ever get an improvement... If the artist feels there's something to fix.
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    Do You Always Count?

    Count when you learn, listen when you play. At the most I may count bars or song sections. Never do I count the beat while I play.
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    Jazz comping accenting?

    I hate rules in my music and when bass players tell me they "need" a 2 n 4 chick to function I roll my eyes and tell them to develop a sense of time or listen harder. When people are really tuned in and listening hard you don't need those kind of crutches. I do it when it sounds good which is...
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    To German grip? or not to German girip?

    Art beat me to it, but attempting to limit yourself to one grip style is nothing but a hindrance. We are drummers and move around a kit, often not even our own kit. There's a thousand ways to hit a drum, and I keep every one of them an option. Do not pick a grip. Learn lots of grips and use...
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    BRO...stick to a set up!!

    Have to admit I'm a little set in my ways and usually set things up in the normal traditional way at the same approximate levels and places. I can do what I need with that.
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    Are there any restrictions on your drumkit that add more character?

    Plenty. My drum kit isn't allowed to go out drinking on weeknights and must check with me before major purchases.
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    You folks tried these sticks?

    Why would you want to hit drums when you could NOT hit drums! Physical feedback and sound production is for the weak, and closed-minded. That said, if you're looking for a fun novelty toy that won't be musically viable or satisfying, you've found it!
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    Exercises to help aging drummers carry heavy kits

    I think mostly it just becomes more important to stay active and stretch your body out before you do anything that could stress the muscle groups. I've noticed my recovery time is longer but I can avoid hurting anything with a good stretch and going for lots of walks and getting out a lot.
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    Praise from an unexpected source?

    So I'm a weirdo with books and don't usually read anything too heavy or profound. I like sci-fi and horror. One of the best examples I can think of if you like sci-fi is a little known series set in the very distant human future. Deals with a lot of really unique concepts and ideas about...