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    Bad Bum Experience

    This guy can stay.
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    Bad Bum Experience

    BTW I had to have a lot of restraint here given the thread title. I deserve some recognition.
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    Bad Bum Experience

    Try to keep in perspective that these are just drum wraps. Obviously we want them and want the right thing, but you're not really worried you won't be able to play a gig or anything. I don't believe they're a real big company, be persistent but patient!
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    Also, man... How bad are DW kits? Pretty bad, amirite?
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    Band being unreasonable?

    If you're playing punk shows it's very unlikely anyone gives a crap how your tom notes sound. Try to let it go if this is the only band annoyance. When you can, offer to supply the kit. When you can't, just get on with the show. I've rolled my eyes at plenty of guitar players who refuse to...
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    So proud of Yolanda :)

    I love good news. Hearing about success and people doing well makes me feel fantastic. Thanks, Andy!
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    I've been named Drummerworld's "most gentlemanly" 3 years in a row now.
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    Traditional grip with left side cymbals

    I tend to move my hand a little further out to the left and swing down "through" the cymbal when playing that way, essentially striking the left most edge... Looking at the way Tony does it, his seems more correct and might even sound better. I probably should keep my mouth shut since I rarely...
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    Help Needed!!

    I do not think it's cheating to use help from people like us to figure out how to work a problem. It's not an inherent skill and clearly the coursework didn't properly teach him the skill to answer the question. I never understood the whole "if you don't figure it out on your own you'll never...
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    Tuning question (simple question, don't worry)

    I'm in the same boat as above. I never tune to anything specific. The size of the drum and head I use mostly determine the objectively "best" tuning I go for. Looking more at characteristics of the note than a specific melodic note range. That is things like "fat, not too ringy, not boing-y"...
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    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    Since you gotta drive a bit more than an hour-ish, I'd make sure you need some accessories or something before heading out so you're at least making it worth the trip. But you'll have a good time talking drums and they're more than willing to help out with anything you need. While I'm giving...
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    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    I feel so lucky. ANYONE who is near the SF bay area should try to shop with Darren at "Dubs Drum Basement" in Dublin. Top notch local shop with great products and better salespeople who just want you to get the right thing at a sane price. Opening a shop so recently in this retail climate...
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    I wrote, drummed, pianoed, congaed, and bassed this piece!

    I'm hearing shades of Pink Floyd which I will never complain about. Nice job... Cool video! I can see the work that went in!
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    Seller's Remorse

    Unless I really hate a tool or instrument, I tend to anthropomorphize them and be sort of protective. They become part of the family. I won't sell them and usually don't even replace them unless they break. This is my drum set. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It is my life...
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    I am having problems playing in front of people got any tips to help

    Actually, un-earned bravado and inflated sense of personal skill will also cause you to not have nerves on stage. Maybe not cause you to actually play well, which is more associated with practice and humble self reflection.