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    Show us your Premier kits!!

    Regarding the Genista reissues, I had read that the birch version came with the white BD reso head and the maple version came with the black one. I have two maple bass drums from this series and they both came with black reso Premier logo heads. Mine are in Cherry Red Fade, which fades to almost...
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    Yamaha SC snare vs Pearl VPX

    I'll add a third vote for the Yamaha SCB.
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    Mapex armory snares

    The recent 10 lug Stage Custom Birch is quite a nice surprise. Mine arrived from the factory with the snares perfectly centered and they used fabric straps to hold the snares on instead of plastic strips, which is an upgrade, IMO. I only changed the batter head to something a little thicker...
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    Snare Wires / Importance.

    This is always my answer. They are cheap and sound great! I have several sets of Puresound wires at home and I've tried them on many different drums but none of them have ever given me the sound or sensitivity I want in any setting. Finally I learned that they just aren't for me. I've always...
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    Neil Peart

    RIP, brother. An inspiration to so many and the epitome of class. Thank you, Neil!!
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    The "drum audition"...for vehicles.

    The car is long gone but I once loaded my 4 piece rock kit w/ 22” BD in a ‘93 Formula Firebird.
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    Suspension Mount Inversion Therapy

    You are correct, sir! I saw a used Sakae set in a GC a while back and noticed that, too. I can attest that it really works well and I like the look of it, too. You get a nice section of shell that is unobstructed by any mounting hardware so I actually prefer the look. Functionality is great, no...
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    Suspension Mount Inversion Therapy

    Thanks for your reply! I may try your fix one day but I don't ever mount this particular drum on a snare stand. Since it's working for me at the moment and sounding great, I'm gonna stick with the reso side mounting for now.
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    Copper phonic maintenance?

    I have the raw finish and it’s beautiful as it is. I don’t see any need to clean it other than dusting it off. It stays in a case so it doesn’t even need that often.
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    Need feedback on two options for a sizzle cymbal.

    I have one of these with a single sizzle rivet and it sounds great! I bought it used so I don't know if the rivet came from the factory or if someone did it later but it's got a real smooth sound and the decay of the rivet is smoother and more consistent than the sound I get using sizzle beads...
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    Whiplash! (The Movie)

    LOL!! I was just thinking of that scene! The band-aid literally exploded off his hand as blood shot out like a geyser! :LOL: Still though, stuff like that does happen in the world of drumming. I mean, who hasn't sliced a finger or popped a blister and bled all over their pants and drum kit...
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    What size kick for rock / pop?

    I have a 20x16 that is great, especially when mic'd or in a small room. For most rock gigs, I prefer a 22x18. The most common BD size I have had over the years has been 22x18 but I played a 22x16 for years and didn't find it lacking. Most of my kits were purchased NOS or used, so I didn't stress...
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    Why do you play Zildjian?

    It was Zildjian or Paiste when I was growing up and I preferred the Zildjian sound. Sabian was the new kid on the block and there wasn't much to choose from. Even if I heard a cymbal from another company that I liked, I would find an equivalent sound from a Zildjian and get that one instead. A...
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    Snare drum size?

    Ah man, good luck with the repairs! I hope you can get that sorted out with minimal stress. I'd love to see the badge and throw off mechanism so post pics if you can.
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    Snare drum size?

    Awesome! How do you like it? It looks like it is in really good shape!