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    Toms mounted on Bass drum or cymbal stand

    Bought another drum set ( DW Collectors) that Im going to use for giging and thinking of getting a double tom bass drum bracket as opposed to using the cymbal stands. I think it makes setting up much faster at gigs . Im pickie on tom angles , heights and location . the set I use to gig now is...
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    DW Bass Drum Double Tom Mount

    I want to put the double tom mount on my bass drum , easier to set up & break down for me . I have a choice of chrome or nickel on line . . Think the nickel is better but not sure if will match other hardware and also would anyone know if it comes with mounting instructions and bolts ?
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    SOUND GUY small venue

    What do you think. Im playing with a band doing small venues , like 10 to 40 people . they want to hire a sound guy and have on some gigs but I don't see a need for that . we have two lead vocals with cordless mics and the bass and lead guitar are also cordless. they can walk out during 1st...
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    Deepest sounding toms

    Good thoughts, I've never thought about someone else playing my kit so I can listen from a distance. Thank you for that . Still want to here different drums. May make trip into NYC dealers to hear larger selections.
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    Deepest sounding toms

    I play gigs from 50 to 200 people but mostly 50 to 100. I dont want to muffle the Tom's but I do use an emacs on the bass. What I dont want is a jazz drum kit sound . I feel the deeper or lower sounding Tom's sound better. I do like the pinstriped oil coated daul skins and would like to...
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    Deepest sounding toms

    What is the deepest sounding Tom's and bass drum made out of . Looking to get close to studio sound for live unmiked performance's. 3 ply, 6 ply , maple ? Babinga, mahogany? Dw ,Ludwig legacy ? Thank you for any help and ideas.
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    Setlist changes

    Ive got a lead singer that makes setlist changes on stage. Drives me crazy. Screws up the MoJo . Last night changed a song on stage , I didn't hear the change and no one confirmed with me of the change , Yea I , started playing the next on the setlist. Caught it after a couple of bars but...
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    LUDWIG atlas pro double bass

    Any thoughts on the the Ludwig double bass pedals. They all kinda look the same to me
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    Rug Size

    Im thinking min. size rug should be 5 x6 ft. cymbal stands wont always be on rug. Does this look bad ? or should whole kit be on the rug ?Larger rug is tougher to travel with. Any thoughts ?
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    Pearl Glitter choices

    Ive been thinking of getting a pearl export or decade 5 pc set and cant find a set in the glitter choices to see what the look like in real life. Has anyone seen them ? please let me know if they look cheap. blue sparkle looks ok but blue sparkle can make a set look like it came from...
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    ludwig back orders

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    Ludwig throne

    Anyone have a Ludwig throne they could measure for me? I cant find on any web site the floor to top of seat measurement. Im looking for the lowest it can go. I have a tama seat now that goes down to 15 inches and there web site says it goes down to 18 ??? I just ordered a classic maple...