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    Floor Tom Legs

    I bought a used PDP x7 kit recently and both floor toms are too short. I want to buy some replacement legs that are longer. Are floor tom legs standard sizes in terms of diameter? If I just buy some Gibraltar legs, or some other brand, will they fit?
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    Bass Drum Heel Height

    I have been not overthinking it and practicing focusing more on what I'm hearing and feeling and not really worrying too much about the exact position of my foot while still working through Colin Bailey's exercises. It seems my foot will naturally adjust to whatever I'm trying to play as long as...
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    Bass Drum Heel Height

    Thanks for the tips. What you all said makes sense to me. I think I may be overthinking. The way I play now is pretty comfortable. And also, I am progressing. Bass drum speed and control progression just seems to take so much longer than any other aspect of playing, at least for me. Impatience...
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    Bass Drum Heel Height

    I've been working off and on from Colin Baileys Bass Drum Control book for many years. He teaches to play fast notes heel up but only lifting the heel no more than 1 inch off the foot board. However, I have never seen anyone else play with their heel so low. I have more recently noticed people...
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    Jojo Mayer's Secret Weapons

    I absolutely second this. I would add, when I first watched this video, I was a relatively new drummer and had not taken formal lessons. The first part where he talks about hand technique, how to hold the stick, fulcrum, how to play accents, etc essentially taught me the correct technique and...