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    New Set of Drums!!!! Free? CRUSH content

    I am still enjoying these. I was thinking that since I have 2 other acoustic sets that eventually I might move on from these or at least set up another kit after a while, but I haven't.
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    Tama Superstar Classic

    Awesome. My brother-in-law just got that Superstar Classic set this year in the same finish. It's a very nice set. Congrats.
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    What's going on with Crush Drums?

    I have sent messages on their website and their Facebook page but I have gotten zero response. They have new kits for sale on sites like Musician's Friend so I think they are still alive.
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    New Set of Drums!!!! Free? CRUSH content

    How are you liking them?
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    Trying to pick a different ride cymbal

    Glad you found a ride you like. I was gonna say, I have had 3 different K rides and they were all great. My favorite is the K Custom Special Dry Ride. It sounds the best to me when playing the top but not so great crashing it.
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    Garden variety DW Maple shells. Deal or no deal?

    $1600 for that kit sounds like a good deal to me. I personally love DW drums. There are some definite criticisms of DW out there but I love the look, the sound, all of that. In the ad it's like "this is a "5-piece kit"...yeah, if you bring your own snare. I was lucky on my DW Collectors and I...
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    Drum Dial or Tune Bot?

    If guitarists just tuned by ear, it would be chaos.
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    New Set of Drums!!!! Free? CRUSH content

    It has a nice EMAD head on it. It has a nice thump and doesn't ring out afterwards. I think the longer size sounds great, I haven't compared it to my other bass drums because they are kind of packed away but it sounds very loud and very thick.
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    Centent cymbals

    I thought it said "cement" cymbals and I clicked on this really quickly.
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    New Set of Drums!!!! Free? CRUSH content

    I haven't measured it but looking at others online, I think it's 20"
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    Tom position relative to kick drum

    If the toms mount to the bass drum, this is as far back as I can get the toms to sit over the bass drum. I adjust to it and it's okay. If I can position the toms where ever I want, I put them pretty far back so half of the toms are off the back of the bass drum. It's just comfortable for me...
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    New Set of Drums!!!! Free? CRUSH content

    Okay, I finally got this set put together. I have been doing some home improvement and my drum space has had everything from the spare bedroom in it until yesterday. I needed new snare wires, I needed a new snare head, and I had a lot of questions about tuning....chronicled in these threads...
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    SJC custom

    I hadn't heard of the brand until recently. One of my favorite YouTube drummers uses them so I think they are pretty cool now.
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    Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

    A long time I got a second hand entry level Pearl set. There was a tear in the Reso head on the bass drum but it was smaller than a CD. I took off the head, put a CD on the tear, traced it out and cut it with scissors. Brilliant!!!
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    It was a pretty sweet deal. The floor tom needed a batter and reso head and the snare needed a snare side head. They are pretty scratched up but I don't care. The bass drum is 20 inches, which is cool because all I have ever had are 22 inch bass drums.