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    The lightest "sweet spot"?

    Hello All...looking for some theoretical/practical input. Right now, this is a thought experiment, but based on what input I get it will lead to the construction of a custom-build drum set. The foundation for this thread was a throw-away comment by Jojo Mayer in the videos on his new Sonor...
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    Vocalist-drummer...mic advice?

    Hey there folks...been a while...sorry for the lack of posting. Got a slightly different question than usual for you all. Hope this is the proper sub-forum for the question. I'm usually singing backing vocals, with occaional lead duties, from behind the kit. I've grown tired of dealing with a...
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    Anchoring slave pedal base plate?

    hey all...did a quick search on this and didn't see much of anything that matched. with my current rack setup, just about everything is now "guaranteed" to be in a consistent, unshifting location. I'm "flying" the bass drum by mounting the tom upright post to the main rack bar I've clamped...