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    Going to New York - Recommendations anybody? :)

    Hey everybody, Well, first week of August I'm travelling to New York. Business trip but I'm free for a weekend. Having never been in the US before, I'm very excited about it and wanted to ask some of you locals for some tips or reccomendations to make the most out of it. :) Basically, I'd like...
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    BBC Documentary about Rock n' Roll - The Drummer

    Hey guys, I haven't seen this around here so I thought I might share. (I searched and couldn't find it, so please excuse me if it's already posted) It's a 6-part documentary about Rock n' Roll. This part is about drummers. It's pretty interesting and entertaining, I hope you like it. Cheers...
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    Refinishing wrapped drums into natural finish - (Mega-thread)

    Hey everybody! Well, I wanted to share with you this little project I finished yesterday, in case some of you may want to do it too someday or just for the sake of looking at some drums. Warning: This is gonna be one long thread with tons of pics. Ok, I'll try to make it as brief as possible...
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    Anyone can recognise this K ride? (Probably mid 90's)

    Hey guys, I just got this ride as a trade for another cymbal. My guess is that it is an early 90's K Custom Ride.. but I'm not sure, as I've never seen this kind of hammering before. It certainly looks like a modern K Custom ride, it's unlathed, heavy and loud.. but I'm not sure. Do any of you...
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    "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry!

    Hey everybody! Just sharing with you my latest vid. Havin' some fun with this pop tune. Drumming-wise... nothing impressive, of course, but it's a fun song to play and I did my best to come up with a fun video too. :) Katy Perry - Hot n Cold - Drum Cover I hope you like it! Cheers!
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    Playing a little blues on drums, guitar and bass by myself (only 1 minute!) :)

    Hey everybody! Here I am trying to play a little bass and guitar. (and drums of course, hehe). One Minute Blues - Bass, Guitar and Drums mini-jam Just a one-minute-long blues progression. If you got a minute.. I'd love to hear your opinions! Hope you like it!! Cheers! :)
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    Diego's Foo Fighters covers: "Dear Rosemary" and "These Days"

    Hey everybody, Here's a couple of recordings I wanted to share with you, I think some of you might enjoy. :) Two more drum covers from the Foo Fighters' latest album "Wasting Light": Foo Fighters - Dear Rosemary - Drum Cover by Diego Foo Fighters - These Days - Drum Cover by Diego Both...
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    Any Foo Fighters fans here? :) "Learn To Fly" drum cover

    Hey guys and gals! I wanted to share with you this little vid I made. It's a drum cover of this (IMO) great song by the Foo Fighters. Please bear in mind it's not 100% accurate, I missed a few fills and breaks, but overall I think...
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    A little Rage Against The Machine! (just drums and bass played by me)

    Well, this is my very first "your playing" post... I admit I'm a bit scared !! This is just me playing an extract of the song "Bombtrack" by RATM. It's just a drums and bass cover. (no original recording in the back) RATM - Bombtrack - Bass and Drums Cover The vid shows only the drumming...
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    My new beauties: 24" Zildjian A Medium Ride and 14" New Beats

    Well, not much to say... Just... How to describe that unique, beautiful feeling you get when you come home carrying a nice new cymbal? :D As a Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins' fan, I always wanted to try a 24" A Med.. And New Beats... well, what can you say about them, they're the standard when...
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    Megaupload is shut down by the feds, and its executives arrested. Damn. :l Pretty serious shit. What's your opinion?? Cheers.
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    My 1992 Pearl Export "Restoration" Project

    My 1992 Pearl Export "Restoration" Project (Update: Hi-Res Pics!!) NOTE: HI-RES PICS OF THE FINAL RESULTS ON POST #14 _____ Hi everybody, just wanted to share with you my latest drum purchase and little project. A few days ago I bought an early 90's Pearl Export in pretty bad shape...
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    Mapex Black Panther Blaster kit vs. Mapex Saturn vs. Pearl Masters MCX

    Hi everybody, I'm selling my kits to upgrade and these are my options. I'd like to hear your opinions and experiences. Which would you pick? Why? Some specs: Mapex Saturn = 5.1mm Maple/Walnut shells, 2.3mm hoops. Black Panther = 5.1mm Maple shells + 3.4mm Walnut re-rings, 2.3mm hoops. Pearl...
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    Brand new kit!!! PDP FS Birch

    Hi everybody! Well, just wanted to share my new purchase with you all! :D I wasn't even thinking about getting a new kit, but a local music store was getting rid of old stocks, or needed money, or are going out of business or I don't know what, but they started offering this ridiculous...
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    A day like today... 31 years without John Bonham

    The greatest rock drummer of all times. John Henry Bonham 31 May 1948 - 25 September 1980 Maybe if you want, post pics, soundclips or anything about the man behind Led Zeppelin. I share with you this site with many isolated drumtracks. Good Lord, what a sound...