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    Tips on sound proofing?

    Title says it all, any tips on affordable sound proofing or ways that work well, thanks.
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    What's a great snare that's not too expensive.

    I really like the Pearl referance snare ALOT, like it's probably my favorite snare as of right now, but it's soooo much money, like up to one grand after all the taxs I could imagine. If there any snare that is almost as good as the referance or even as good, that is a bit of a better price? I...
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    What do you guys know about these drums ... ?

    These are my drums I got about a year ago now from some guy on craigs list. There Pearl Export series but when I youtube "Pearl Export Drums" on Youtube I get different looking drums, there lugs don't go all the way down like mine, etc. Heres a few picture of my drums - How much money...
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    Hows this new cymbal set up sound to you guys!

    Hey guys, this is a list of Cymbals i'll be hopefully getting for Christmas. I've been at many stores, tried many different cymbals and these are the ones I like the most. Do you think this is a good cymbal setup? Sabian 22" - Paragon Ride Cymbal Sabian - 17" Holly China Cymbal Sabian AAX...
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    Any programs out there to help you read sheet music?

    I'm pretty sure I remember there was one, but I can't remember the name, do you guys know any program like this to help you read beats and play beats or w/e for the computer?
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    How long should I play drums a day?

    If I want to be an amazing drummer, Id say i'm already pretty good but how long would you suggest playing a day if you want to be a top drummer in your area?
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    What's a great all around China cymbal that's under 200$?

    What the title says, i'm thinking of the Holly China, but I don't know anything about Chinas at the momment so maybe if you guys could educate me on some good ones thanks :P Also, if you could recommend any other hats then custom A hats 14" that are around the same price something that you...
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    What's the difference between Clear drum heads & Coated drum heads ...?

    I never understood if there was any difference between these heads in any way, is there?
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    Want to participate in NAMM 2013?

    How would I go about doing so, do you hafta be endorsed?
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    Sabian AAX X-plosions or Zildjian Custom A's?!

    After browsing a bit I think I almost want the A-customs, just a question though, since I already have the 16" crash A custom and that's what the cymbal pack includes, do you think I should just buy everything separately ... and not the crash, and then maybe buy a holly china + stand? do you...
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    How do drummers get sponsored?

    Hey guys, I see alot of youtube drummers and famous drummers getting sponsored "free cymbols, drums, etc" I would like to know how they go about getting sponsored, do they contact these cymbal company's? or what? And I've heard you had to be in this big professional band but that can't be true...
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    Thoughts on double kick

    As a fellow youth drummer who prefers groove and feel over speed and double bass I have been watching a few youth drummers for a V-drum contest in my area, and it seems that all of these kids are built around speed and no dynamics what so ever almost like there rushing or something haha, i'd...
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    Wrist stiffens up when going too fast

    Hey guys I know your probably aware that when you play a certain beat to fast your wrist may stiffen up, this is the case for my left wrist because it obviously has not been playing as much as my right wrist but I would love to get it just as fast or close to my right hands speed, and I almost...
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    Keeping the tempo

    Hey guys, I just realized after watching a few of my bands videos that we recorded and my tempo was a bit fast, well not HORRIBLY fast but, I mean definitely to fast for that song. When we're playing up there it does not feel like i'm going fast at all! it just feels natural and I get so into...
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    Parents think drums are too loud

    I find it very hard to play Acoustic drums when my mom always tells me to get of after a freaking half hour, i'm like but I just got on, like wtf Lol, I hate playing my E-kit because i'm trying to master the feel and technique of acoustic and when I just start getting into it my mom tells me to...