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    I HATE Politics

    The ACA is the only way my wife would have been able to buy insurance, they dont offer healthcare were she works. Millions of Americans now have health insurance that would not have before ACA, yet they want to take it away.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Hey, that's Bad-A$s
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    Pick the better deal

    I'm a Gretsch guy but the Sonor kit is beautiful. For me I believe I would go after the Sonor if the sound is right.
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    Craviottos with Ludwig Hardware???

    Not sure how I feel about it, I cant see myself ever desiring such a combo unless it sounds like this Snare that is a Collaboration between Ludwig and Noble and Cooley. I don't own any solid shells drums or played any but this Snare is about the best I ever heard,
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    DW's $4000 True Cast Bell Bronze snare!

    Here is a picture, now I am back to not knowing what it is.
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    The Gretsch Brooklyn has arrived

    Congratulations that's a Classy Kit sound's great too, loved the video.
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    Lockdown made me clean my cymbals

    I have been using plain Windex for a while with good results, puts a shine on them.
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    Very simple, but

    That's cool Andy, I'm enthusiastic to hear you guys take on that classic hit.
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    Adding a Rail Mount to Gretsch New Classics Question

    Have you seen these new stealth racks by Gibralter.
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    Paiste 19in Giant Beat vs 19in Sig Full Crash

    I had a tough time deciding between the GB an BB. While I do prefer darker Cymbals my wife and I both leaned toward the GB in sound files and video's. When I found this GB in the size I wanted at nearly $90 off I knew it was the time to take the chance. I think my Sig may have a little edge in...
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    Original song our band started working on last night

    I appreciate the advice, it sounds like it could be real good and I want to do my best "within my capabilities" to contribute to it. Thanks for listening Azheat
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    Original song our band started working on last night

    This is a new song we are piecing together, I would appreciate your thought's and advice. It's slow and it sounds like we drifted a bit but next practice I'm going play to a click. Recorded with my Zoom Q4 and from the side it didn't pick up the kick very well. But from this perspective it...
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    Paiste 19in Giant Beat vs 19in Sig Full Crash

    I still have a mix of Zildjian's that I love, yea both those crashes in the video sound great I'm real happy with the purchase. The Zildjian S series have become really popular, I haven't had a chance to play any.
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    Paiste 19in Giant Beat vs 19in Sig Full Crash

    Cascio Interstate Music has some great prices on some Cymbals right now, I got this brand new for $220. I have had the Sig for a couple years now and while I love the sound I just dont care for the feel of Med weight crashes. This is my first Paiste B8 and I'm very happy with it, it's a little...
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    Need recommendation for 19" crash cymbal for classic rock

    The Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash 19in maybe worth looking at if you want something in between a crash and a china "a bit more raucous".