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    Development of triplet and 16th note ride patterns

    Hi Fellow drummers Looking for your input with respect to development of triplet and sixteenth note HH or ride cymbal patterns(ie:right hand). I can hold a triplet pattern to about 128BPM and 16th note to about 74-76 bpm for 4 min's. I would like to get triplets to about 148 BPM and 16th's to...
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    Had Bunion Surgery

    Had bunion surgery on my right foot(bass drum). Will use left pedal of double pedal to do gigs in 3 weeks. Anyone have any experiance with this? Denis
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    Live Session Of Me Playing With Rhoadhouse Check it

    Check It Out. Denis
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    New Year/New Instructional DVD/Book Stanoch's Table of Time

    I study and do one DVD per year. 2010 was Tommy Igoe's Great Hands for a Lifetime.Fro 2011 I'm considering doing David Stanoch's Mastering the Tables of Time. Does anyone have any comments and feedback regarding David's book. TX Denis
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    Reviews/Comments-On Tommy Igoe's New DVD Great Hands For Life

    Any reviews/comments on Tommy Igoe's New DVD Great Hands For LifeTime. I know he always produces great quality material! Any comments. Tx Denis
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    Slingerland Magnum Snare Throw

    Hi Fellow Drummers..I'm looking for a replace Snare throw for an early 1980's Slingerland Magnum Snare Drum. Does anyone have one for sale. TX Denis
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    Pad Work With Heavy Sticks

    Hi Fellow Drummers Would like your thoughts and input......! What thas been your experiance with pad practice with heavy sticks(heavier than sticks you normally use on the set)? Did you find that it was benefincial for speed,control, power and endurance(ie; Moeller practice)???? Any drawbacks...
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    Progressive Steps in Hand Development

    Hi Fellow Drummers This is my 1st posting of a new tread....I would like to hear from experience fellow drummers what they feel are the progressive steps in hand development including what one may consider a practical max speed(BPM) for a working drummer(ie; singles 16ths and 32nds say quarter...