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    No Ride Cymbal?

    I hear where you are coming from. Playing a washy ride gets me nothing. That's why I switched to very dry ride cymbals
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    Tuning question (simple question, don't worry)

    It doesn’t matter whether you tune each head to the same note or different notes. When you play the drum there will be a single fundamental. What changes is the harmonics on top of that fundamental.
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    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    Or they become more efficient. Back in the old days Mom and Pop stores were making 100% markup. Now with map that has become 20-30%. So to survive you must find ways to survive on less margin. But we as customers want lower and lower prices. So every time you buy at the lowest price you are...
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    Choked Snare Drum: What it sounds like, feels like, and how to prevent it

    Agreed. This whole series of videos is way too wordy in my opinion. We’re drummers and only have a 2 minute attention span :)
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    Rack tom flatness and "step up" height from snare

    In terms of playing and discounting any showy aspects, it seems to me that the ideal drum kit would look something like a Kat drum pad with essentially zero step up. That way you just push your hands forward to play a high tom instead of having to both push forward and lift your arms to cover...
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    Bluetooth headphones with electric drums?

    Analog has no latency of course. But it is lossy compared to wired or digital. With analog wireless the frequency response changes with level and you end up always running through a compander. So it is always under compression. Digital has no companding and almost zero frequency response loss...
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    Bluetooth headphones with electric drums?

    Wired has no latency and no codec to degrade the sound. But you have a wire
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    Most of it is gonna soak down into the wood and what’s left would normally be so thin I can’t see how it could cause any problems. i routinely seal my bearing edges so they don’t move with changes in humidity.
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    Bluetooth headphones with electric drums?

    You will be adding a bunch of extra latency by going with bluetooth.
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    light weight drum kit

    My Inde 20,12,14 kit weighs 31lbs (including ft legs and bass spurs)
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    Bell Brass Snare On The Cheap?

    Simple. The energy that is vibrating the shell would otherwise be sound. So a shell that resonates will not be as loud as one that doesn’t (or does very little). So what does shell resonance do to the sound. Well if it is perfectly in phase it will add 3dB to those frequencies that are in...
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    Bell Brass Snare On The Cheap?

    My opinion is that a big mass is what gives bell brass snares their sound. So about anything that has enough mass so as no to resonate (much) will probably get you very close. When shells resonate that are stealing sound from the drum not adding to it.
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    9711GS G-CLASS- Discuss

    Does this pedal allow the footboard to swivel like a Vector pedal? Can’t tell from the website but it looks like there is an adjustment and a geared face on the bottom plate.
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    Collar on Aquarian heads smaller diameter than others?

    Seems to me if you’ve got all those heads you could simply measure them and answer your own question :)
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    Small hardware bag for lighter weight hardware-Inexpensive Option

    I’m using the smallest one and it works great for me. I can pack it with 3 cymbal stands, hh stand, snare stand (all Canopus lightweights), 2 sets of FT legs, bass drum pedal and large Sonor throne. Stick bag and a few spares go nicely in the lid pocket. The whole thing loaded weighs 35lbs.