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    Question about customizing IEM mixes

    UHF legal for use in the USA IS 470-608MHz (with a few exceptions generally reserved for Pros) without a license. T-band is an unlicensed ISM (like the 2.4G band) band that is used for baby monitors, wireless phones and garage door openers. Avoid this one too. Whether or not you will be...
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    Question about customizing IEM mixes

    Shure PSM900 or SennheiserG4
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    Question about customizing IEM mixes

    So basically if you can operate in a room with no wi-fi and no cell phones you'll be fine. Otherwise expect problems.
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    Question about customizing IEM mixes

    I would avoid any wireless systems that operate at 2.4G unless you can control the Wi-Fi in your environment.
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    Soundproofing air vents in a drum room

    The basic idea is to use flexduct with three 90° bends in it.
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    Question for singing drummers

    Crown 311a for even more isolation from picking up your drums.
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    Amazon die cast ripoff drum hoop warning

    Consider a wood shell with no hoops. If you push on the side it will flex out of round. By itself it is not very stiff. Put hoops and the shell becomes stiffer, requiring more force to bend it out of round. Stiffer raises the resonant pitch. Put super stiff hoops such as cast and it becomes...
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    Amazon die cast ripoff drum hoop warning

    They also raise the resonant frequency of a drum shell as they stiffen the shell.
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    Drumtuner app for iOS

    Check out idrumtunepro. Works great, better than tunebot.
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    Lug Splay on New Black Beauty Snare

    If it looks good, it works better! Is it supposed to look like what you received? I’d send it back.
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    Wobbling away on stage...

    Kudos to you sir!
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    Riddle me this you sound engineers

    The weakest link in the chain are transducers, e.g. mics and speakers. They have to transform one type of energy into another, acoustic to electric or the other way around and are maybe less that 10% efficient. They are mechanical and are therefore expensive to make at the highest levels...
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    Sound dampening

    Looks like a pretty reasonable solution... if you can afford the $27-41 per square foot price tag.
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    Why do drummers get so little credit for songwriting?

    Yep, that’s the way it is. But it’s still hard to believe that Satisfaction by the Stones is anything other than that fuzz guitar riff.
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    Applying clear coat to bearing edge of drum?

    You can wax over the top of a hard finish if you are concerned about friction. There’s a good chance that the sides of your shells are sealed or finished so why would anyone want to leave the edges unsealed. Wood is hygroscopic and left unsealed it will always be absorbing or releasing...