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    Ufip rough

    Ah ok, I'm looking at getting a 15" crash, someone in my area is selling pretty cheap. My other cymbals are mostly pst7
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    Ufip rough

    Hey, anyone have experience of these, where do they equate to lines from paiste etc etc?
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    yet another cymbal cleaning thread, sorry

    So it looks like some of the coating that paiste apply has been removed in random areas, which makes me think this will be very hard to rectify
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    yet another cymbal cleaning thread, sorry

    Ah, file size too large unfortunately. I'll try and reduce it somehow
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    yet another cymbal cleaning thread, sorry

    Ok so in my wisdom, way before I knew anything much about drums and cymbals I cleaned my paiste pst7 hats with either, ketchup or lemon juice or both (can't remember!). I've pretty much ignored the mess it made of my cymbals but it's now really annoying me so I'm looking to try and remedy. My...
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    guitar help!

    I'm in the UK and there are surprisingly few Affinity bodies on the bay. Does it matter what the shape of the cavities are for the electronics? Sometimes you see 3 for single coils and others have just one huge hole (which presumably takes any permutation of pick ups?!)
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    guitar help!

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    guitar help!

    follow all that...which brings my other question....what about generic unfinished strat bodies? assuming the scale length is ok, would there be anything else to consider?
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    guitar help!

    hello drummer friends, wrong forum I know! Ive been dabbling with my guitar a bit lately (nice to have another instrument, where you can be rubbish at it but thats ok, as drums is your main thing!) Anyway.... the guitar in question (a Squier affinity strat) has a slightly damaged body. I kind...
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    Accents (paradiddle)

    Ok so I'm finally getting round to trying to move the accent away from the 'pa' in a paradiddle....and it's a nightmare! I mean, literally cannot do it. I've been placing the same accent so long it seems impossible to break from it. Anyone else had this issue?
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    Common Classic Rock Shuffles

    Pink Floyd like a shuffle...One of these Days (from Meddle), or Sheep (from Animals)… I'm sure they have a lot more I wouldn't say they are "common" songs though
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    TD-9 v2 update help

    I'm keen to know about this too. Update us if you get anywhere! There's also V Expressions kits, could be an option? I've been looking at their site, but haven't taken the plunge yet.
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    Lockdown music quiz

    Midge Ure?
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    Vinyl Aficionados??

    My 2p, for what its worth... people tend to overthink it... I'm not a "collector" as such, but I have a decent(ish) hi fi separates system, the turntable is the weakest part of it. However, that's not stopped me accumulating about 30 or so vinyl albums (some inherited, some bought new, some...