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    You will never be sour again over cymbal cleaning

    Yeah but don't do it on a modern paiste cymbal which has a coating on it. The lemon may remove some of the coating and leave a horrible patchwork effect on your cymbal
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    3 free kits from Great British Studios expansion pack for Roland TD-17

    Hi Chris, big Dire Straits fan here, I watched the On the Night concert a lot in my teens! I think I know the answer to this already...but just in case.... any kits for the TD-9?
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    If you can have only have hi hats/crash/ride...

    Why is that whilst I have a very modest set of cymbals; have never played a "pro" cymbal; but I still find myself reading and enjoying these types of threads 😂
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    Would you mix...

    Yes the volume...I'm wondering if the medium will cut if I'm playing with loud guitars, and also if the heavy would be too loud if playing quieter/mellower music?! Going purely off the website id say I prefer the tone of the heavy
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    Would you mix...

    Trouble is...I'm not able to try them out first. The paiste website/ sound room is pretty good though
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    Would you mix...

    light with medium and with heavy cymbals? egor example... pst7 medium hats with thin crash and heavy ride? Cant make up my mind on a medium or heavy ride. I guess the medium is the sensible option!
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    Does anyone know the weight of a....

    I don't own the cymbal, I was just wondering how the weight would compare to it's hi-hat Top counterpart (which is 800, and the bottom is 1350)
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    Does anyone know the weight of a....

    PST7 14" thin crash??
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    small footprint e-kit

    Thanks for the replies. So this is interesting, I could change the rack of my td9 (in some way, maybe shorter tubes?) and lose a cymbal and one or two tom pads
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    small footprint e-kit

    does anyone know what the smallest footprint e-kit is? I currently use a TD9, but might be moving soon and space me be even more of an issue than previously
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    Noise Cancelling headphones for neighbours complaining about my drumming noise?

    I have the same issue and I use an electronic kit at low volume. My neighbour below still gets annoyed by the thudding noise vibration of the bass drum... so we have agreed timeslots. Its not ideal, but better than nothing
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    New Kit Advice

    Bear in mind that electronic kits are not always the "end-all" solution to happy drumming in an apartment with neighbours. The thudding/vibration of the kick drum can still be heard/felt, often below and sometimes next door!
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    Roland td9 hi hat trouble

    Hey folks, so I'm having issues with my td9 hi hat. The triggering from the pedal (fd8) is going haywire... Sometimes is only triggering as open (even when closed) and other times triggering as closed (even when open). When turning the module on/off , it seems to reset itself and works for a...
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    Ufip rough

    Ah ok, I'm looking at getting a 15" crash, someone in my area is selling pretty cheap. My other cymbals are mostly pst7