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    Having doubts about my drum teacher

    A person who reaches for their phone while getting paid is good enough reason to drop them. Other reasons: - No focus on hand technique. - Only book opened is a double bass book? That will help you in about 0.5% of the music that's out there Time to move on! I'll mention that I love Skype...
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    Can anyone here read MRI's at all?

    This is a long shot, but I'm having a really hard time getting the information I need from my doctor team. Long story short, I was bitten by a dog last September. Have been to numerous doctors, the wait times are out of control (seeing a neurologist next on April 13.) I had an MRI and feel the...
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    Playing in odd timings: How do you make use of the space?

    I don’t really think there’s any difference in how to approach 4/4, 3/4, 5/4, 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 13/16, 19/16... You can place your notes anywhere that sounds good. For starters, Bass drum on 1 is helpful, your lead hand playing the smallest subdivision is helpful, and your other hand and bass...
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    Jam Space Etiquette

    Crash cymbals are very hard to manage in a small room. Is there sound absorption foam in there? Not to take away from the level of douchery this guy has displayed, but AA’s could be harsh in a small room that hasn’t been treated for better acoustics and management of high frequencies.
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    Open Mic Nights - How To?

    Hell yeah.
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    Learning more songs @ 80% or fewer at 95%

    I’m with you 100% on this. There’s a reason why pro gigs have set lists and the group plays the same set/songs for 200+ nights in a year. Everyone plays better like this.
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    Your next planned purchase

    Are lessons with a master player considered a “purchase?” I prefer giving money to experts willing to share their expertise rather than for physical items.
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    Open Mic Nights - How To?

    I find open jams to be a complete bore. It’s too loud to talk with and meet people and you play as steady and boring time as you can for 15 minutes while everyone else solos. I’m really just not into them. I’d much rather go play a 3 hr gig and get paid.
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    Beginner drummer has questions.

    If your friend has nice and relaxed hands I’d get with him sooner rather than later to avoid having to untrain bad habits.
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    Learning New Songs

    Going the route of using existing songs to learn all the different patterns one needs to learn drums is probably the long way to improvement. It would be quicker to employ a teacher and work through some books that will systematically work up your ability to play all the different patterns...
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    Learning more songs @ 80% or fewer at 95%

    For learning songs to play with bands I go with whatever sounds and feels good. It’s not realistic or wise to learn 40 songs note for note and hold up gigs. For learning songs to become a better player I go note for note. Time is better spent on specific exercises if the goal is to improve than...
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    Critical guidance needed

    There’s not really any point in sharing criticism with someone who has declared themselves the best. Do you like drums yourself? Do you want to learn to be a good player? That we can help with. I don’t see any sense in using a bunch of internet opinions to try and beat his ego into reality.
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    Proper Music

    I’m totally okay with the clothes. Much better than color changing shirts and shoes with lights on them from the 80’s.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Hot water heater.
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    Proper Music

    Whenever I stop in Alice’s Restaurant on my weekly motorcycle ride they have 70’s softish rock playing, Alan Parson’s, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and I have to say I agree that it was pretty happy music with nice melodies and harmonies that make me feel good. I approve of the cartoon. :)