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    Does Tom Angle inform the level of mediocrity of a drummer prior to ever seeing the drummer play?

    If you walk in to a club or show and see the drum kit angular configuration....prior to the start of the show or ever seeing or hearing the drummer....are you able to predict the level of mediocrity of the performance to follow? Is there a corresponding algorithm that predicts level of...
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    RE: tractor seat or round

    RE: tractor seat or round Throne? I have had a very nice tractor style throne for the past 4 years or so and I cannot bond with it!?! I'm constantly adjusting/turning the location of the "horn" or "tongue" part of the seat; don't get me wrong, it stays put, but I don't like having that...
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    Who do you select for a Studio Drum Coach?

    Hypothetical Question. You are in the recording studio with your band recording 10 songs in the rock/progressive vein. The demos got your band signed and now with a budget and a producer the red light fever has awakened some demons. You are at odds with the producer who wants to bring in a...