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    Roland SPD-S

    Does anyone here use this little bugger? And/or can you steer me to somewhere that might have a video or some sound clips on what it can do? I'm looking to add something to my kit that will allow me to use percussion, sound effects, sampled bits, etc.. Thanks in advance!
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    Show Off Your Yamaha....SNARE DRUMS!

    Here's my Dave Weckl signature snare.. Stainless shell that I stripped and had copper plated... Great fat sound out of it.. unbelievable power out of it... so much so that I hardly get to use it... In time I suppose. Peace!
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    Show off your Yamahas!

    This thread got me to thinking again, (after Aydees Yammie thread), and I went looking around and found these... My Beech Customs (mid 90's): And here I am in the 80's.. (no laughing please). This was my very first Yammie kit.. I think they were a 600 series, but I used Recording Custom...
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    Show off your Yamahas!

    I really need some good pics... but here's one.. Here's a little better one showing my snares... (2 DW's and a Yammie Dave Weckl signature) Peace!
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    Oh, to join the fray! Here's what I am currently playing... Here they are: Yamaha Recording Custom, Cherry finish Toms: 9x10 10x12 11x13 14x14 16x16 Kick: 16x24 Snares: 5x12 DW Maple Collectors 6x13 DW Edge (curly maple satin/chrome finish) (ordered, not yet arrived) 5 1/4x14 Dave Weckl...
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    Yamaha Drums

    Re: THE YAMAHA DRUMS THREAD Here is one I just took of the plate. Under the harsh light of the camera flash, you can see a difference in the woods if you are on top of it as in this photo... However, from the "seat" or anywhere else not directly over it, mostly it cannot even be seen...
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    Yamaha Drums

    Re: THE YAMAHA DRUMS THREAD This is my contribution to the Yammie thread... 10,12,13,14,16 toms.., 24 kick.., and two snares.. A customized Dave Weckl signature snare for the main and a 12 DW maple collectors side-snare. (I'm looking for an 8"tom btw....) These drums, (as always)...