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    Nicko McBrain - Two Minutes To Midnight

    Video taken from an evening with... Just an interesting, almost drums only, insight into how he plays. I love it! Sound it not the best but good enough
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    Drum Light Trigger (NOT Bass drum light)

    hello all! I am looking for some advice on how to set up a trigger to activate a bank of stage lights rather than just a single bass drum LED set. Our bass player has 2 racks of stage lights or different colours and I would like them to flash everytime I hit the bass drum. any ideas? Thanks
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    Iron Cobra - Bearing Lubricant

    Hello! My pedals need some fine tuning as I have really neglected them since they were purchased and I havent taken the time to set them properly. I have been advised to use bearing lube in the bearings and hinges etc but not to use WD40. Can anyone recommend a particular lube to use or...
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    Mesh Practice Heads

    Hello! Just got some mesh practice heads for my in house kit for quiet practice. Great low volume however I have found them to be very bouncy. In fact I almost prefer my mutes for feel however again they were a bit noisy for evening practice. Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on how to...
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    Mike Portnoy Trick

    Hi All Just been watchin this dream theatre video..awesome. Check out Portnoy at 3:34. Throws in a twirl. Just wondering what trick he is using here? Looks like a very fast fake twirl. ta
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    An Evening With Nicko McBrain

    Just been to an evening with Nicko McBrain. What an awesome drummer, funny man and all round top bloke. Some good tips but overall just an inspiration to get within 5 feet of the man was brill! Shook his hand and even said 'ello darlin' to my dear lady! Great Night!!!
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    Wrap or Laquer removal

    Hi All I have what i think is a Premier Vintage kit...looks like an APK but theres nothing to indicate what it is. I obtained it from my school about 10 years ago. I want to customise it but i have two questions... 1: How do i tell if its laquer or wrap finish? the bass drum hoops are plain...
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    Sound Proofing -Raising The Kit

    Hi All I am currently drafting plans to build a platform with some kind of sound proofed wooden wall around it in my garage. I have been advised that raising the kit off the floor will reduce bass and sound emissions. but i was wondering if the legs that support the platform will still...
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    Air Drumming...Effective practice?

    read this thread (ignore the original but about 10 posts down wy yung mentions the benefits of air drumming. I do it for laugh and now that think about it, it could be good mental practice for picking up rythms as well...
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    How much can be acheived one just a practice pad

    Hi All Dont want this to appear like a 'tell me what to practice' thread...plenty of them on here already =) Been sat thinking about how to resart my practice again. Got my ideas and methods sorted etc. But just wondered in general how much can one expect to progress from say total beginings...
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    Stick Control Book - Applicable to Feet?

    Evening. Started practicing on my pad again after 3 years away from serious drumming (another thread and another story) Bought the famous stick control and almost finished the first page when i stopped! Wondered if the same exercises, practiced in the same way would work with my double pedal...
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    Have you ever had to start from scratch?

    Good Evening All Well its has been some time since i have accessed this drummers haven and im glad to see it going strong as ever. Its been about 3 years since i last played with my band and not really done much since. However i played a 10 cover song gig for a mates wedding and it felt good...