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    Cold Weather and Drums

    My drums completely deteriorated when it was cold, and all because of my indifference
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    camera/video camera + editing software?

    guys, thank you a lot!!!!!!
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    La Bicycletta

    oh! such a cute bicycle :love:
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    So much thread crapping

    mahongany - Noun (countable) Any of various tropical American evergreen trees, of the genus Swietenia, having a valuable hard red-brown wood. (uncountable) The wood of these trees, mostly used to make furniture. lauan - Noun Any of several types of light wood, resembling mahogany, from various...
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    camera/video camera + editing software?

    Hi, guys. Sorry for bumping this thread. I have already found the camera I want to film on, now I need an editing software. Any suggestions?
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    City or country, urban or rural?

    always countryside... hate big cities, their noise and air(