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    Istanbul El Negro - Anyone Tried These?

    I hate making another one of these threads, but the Istanbul Mehmet El Negro cymbals (by Horacio Hernandez) seemed to have flown under the radar. Has anyone tried these? The stores around me don't sell anything out of the Big Three other than the odd Wuhan unless someone trades it in. I once...
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    Gretsch USA Custom...

    Killer kit, man. But quit showing off Stick Control haha.
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    Unusual or Awesome Music Videos

    I just happened upon the music video for Threshold's Staring at the Sun when showing their music off to a friend and it gave me an idea for a thread. Know any music videos that are unusual, funny, bizarre or just plain awesome? Real standouts is what I'm hoping for. Post them here, and we can...
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    The Sound of Noise

    Has anyone else seen this film? It's a French-Swedish production about a Detective who was born tone-deaf and hunts down these 6 percussionists, or "musical terrorists" that are playing music "on the city." It's original, funny, and I couldn't help but watch it with a smile on my face. Highly...
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    My New Custom Classics!

    Ok, now that I've my electricity back after Hurricane Sandy, I'm wanna show you guys my Custom Classic Birch Hybrid! Except for an Aquarian Super Kick 2 on the kick, all heads are stock, but I'm looking to upgrade to G1's on the resonant side and G2's or ECT2's on the batter. Sizes are 10, 12...
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    Why don't more people make their own hi-hats?

    I've been thinking about making my own custom pair of hi hats instead of just buying a pair. I was thinking of getting (2) 16" crashes and putting them together. And if I decide I don't like how they go together, it's still nice that I have some extra crashes. Anyone else do this? Any stories?
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    Must See Film About Music

    I want to share with you guys the documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad. I saw this documentary a good while ago, but it's been stuck in my head ever since and I just need to show it some praise and get the word out about this wonderful film. The film follows an Iraqi heavy metal band...
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    Cancer Awareness

    I have a Health assignment to spread awareness about skin cancer, and this video is very informative and hard hitting. The Drummerworld forum seems like a great place to me to help spread awareness because it's full of older men and women who may have had the experience of dealing with cancer of...
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    How close...

    I'm gonna go into my local drum store soon, but I'm not sure if they have what i'm looking for.Does anyone know if the Paiste 2002 20" Crash will blend well with my 2002 20" Power Crash? Or are they too identical.
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    I`d like a second opinion...

    Here`s my situation: So i have some store credit to Musians Friend, but i`m having difficulty deciding what to get. I only have the credit to spend, so i cant go over, cuz i dont have the money too. Well, I`m torn between buying a replacement for the top hat of my k customs, or get a new cymbal...
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    Cymbal damage

    This is sort of a spin-off thread of one I made about a broken hit hat I have. The short of it, is that a bought a used pair of 13" Zildjian K Custom Hybrid hats, and the top cracked after a few months. They weren't very tight or loose, somewhere in the middle to give me a little slosh but also...
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    Frustrated! Is it my fault?

    Ok, so i bought a pair of Zildjian K Custom Hybrid hats last april or may. They were used, and looked pretty used, but not destroyed and beaten up. Imagine my surprise when I found an inch long crack on the top cymbal today. This really frustrates and infuriates me for a number of reasons: 1. I...
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    Sound Design, Engineering, and College

    I'm a junior in high school thinking about going to college to study in sound engineering and design. I won't name names of colleges just yet, but one specif one I'm looking at has a great program in what I want to do. I spent last summer interning in a studio run by a friend of my drum...
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    Stick Size Curiousity

    Just curious: Is there a size between 5A and 5B? I love the light grace of 5A's, but the power and grip of 5B's. Does Vater or Vic Firth make anything like that?
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    Dry vs. Wet Sound

    I'm just curious: What is the difference between Dry sounding drums and Wet sounding drums? I just never heard those terms before I joined the forum.