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    bass drum workout

    Playing heel down is a great way to strengthen your lower leg. I started heel up but practiced heel down later on and it improved my heel up playing. In the endurance exercise you posted - try slowing it way down, around 1/2 the tempo you played and let the beater come off of the head...
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    bass drum workout

    Without knowing the exercises and BPM - it sounds like you might want to try playing the exercises really slowly. It's good to push the tempo but not at the expense of introducing bad habits...
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    Roto kit

    Roto toms are great - Alex did use Roto toms on the 1984 album, but I think he only used them on that recording. Sound-wise I always liked the sound Bruford got from Roto toms on One of a Kind. He took larger sizes and tensioned them up.
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    Steve Smith’s Cast Steel Snare

    These are great drums - an example of the possibilities of steel. I've found thick steel shells are a totally different animal compared to the typical thin shell steel snares we usually see. These heavy drums are more versatile than one would think - I'm sure Steve uses it for jazz and rock...
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    Neil Peart’s Slingerland Set Up For Auction

    I remember Mark's great solo on the record that came with an issue of MD. Mark is great, his studio is right above mine!
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    Looking for a wood snare

    This looks real nice:
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    A couple of rare snare drums

    Congrats on that nice snare. I forgot all about these drums - I used to share a rehearsal space with Steve Wolf - he was endorsing Legend at the time and he had a beautiful kit set up in the studio - really nice drums.
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    Your snare formula

    I've found that I usually reach for metal snares. Current goto: •5.5x14 Heavy gauge steel shell. •2.3 mm Rims. •Evans Coated Reverse Dot/Hazy 300. •Bottom tensioned very tight, top varies. •Snare tension varies. This combo works great from live backbeats to brushes in the studio - more...
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    Sticking with sticks or switching sticks

    I stick with one stick - I like the familiarity. I've been using Vater 5B's since the early 90s, and on the pad I use Dom Famularo's Pad Stick. Vater's 5B is versatile so I've never felt the need to switch to something lighter or heavier for a particular gig - I just adjust my technique. On...
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    Getting the foot perfectly in time?

    It's probably a good idea to work on some bass drum technique. But I would say that if your other limbs sound in time, don't leave them out. Play unison exercises with your weak limb, along with the stronger ones. You'll have to slow the tempo down, but it's a great way to work on accuracy...
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    Regarding technique and rudiments.

    I think that's a good place to start. If you straighten you wrists, you'll be able to relax the muscles in your hands and forearms which will in turn help how you sound. As Todd said, your hand to hand rhythm isn't quite even - try playing R_L_R_L_RRLLRRLL | R_L_R_L_RRLLRRLL |.... You're...
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    Endurance when playing

    Find a slower tempo for the song - where you're happy with how you sound and everything feels good (no tension). At that slower tempo, play the song a bunch of times without stopping, then move the tempo up a little bit. Keep this process going until you're at the desired tempo. You know you...
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    Triple Flange or Die Cast Hoop?

    Congrats on the new snare. I used to have a Drum Paradise Hitmaker - World Max shell, Die-Cast hoops, Reverse-Dot head and 42 Strand snares. Great sounding drum, live and recording. I really liked those rims with the brass shell.
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    Boutique snares?

    I think if you talk to Keith Larsen and he can describe what you're looking for and the price is right, then that could be a good way to go. It's fun to talk to the person who is designing/building your drum, but that process needs to be communicated well, so he knows what you're looking for...
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    What ultimately made you decide on the brand of drums you play?

    I decided on DW about 20 years ago. I had been aware of them for a long time, but I always thought they were too expensive, and in the 90's I liked working with the smaller, boutique guys. I had my old 70's Sligerlands and a new little custom kit, but there was just something missing from...