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    vintage tension rods

    The one on the right could also be from a Ludwig floor tom with the lugs mounted lower on the drum than they are on the rack tom. has a tension rod length calculator on their website that can help you get the correct sizes if you are looking for some replacements.
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    Gretsch Renown vs USA Custom - worth the £1500+ difference

    I have a 60's Round Badge; 80's Square Badge; 2007 Renown; and a 2020 RN2. I had a Brooklyn. Regret selling it, but the RN2 is VERY similar from what I recall from my time with it. The 2007 Renown is close to the 80's kit in sound. The die cast hoops dry out the sound and give it more of a...
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    Your band's original Music Videos - wanted

    Hi everyone, after building out some new technology, some refocusing and redirection, we are ready to start pushing forward with our online TV channels. That said, we need a ton of more videos to add to the lineup. We are ideally looking for ones that tell a story (MTV style) but will...
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    Gretsch Renown RN2 Silver Oyster Pearl

    She's a beauty. I just picked up one in the same finish - 24, 13, 16.
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    Proposed Trade Renown for Genista. Yay or Nay

    I have had my Renown since 2007 and love it. I picked up a 90's Genista last year and it was a nice kit and I was interested to try one. I have multiple kits and was thinning out the herd. The Genista was sold without any consideration given to keeping the Genista over the Renown.
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    Sale right now/today only (12/12).. Attack 2-Ply Blast Beat Snare Head 14 Inch 2 Pack $8 free shipping

    I noticed that too. Good deal either way in my eyes. I will either use them or put them on drums I am selling, Can't lose with this deal.
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    what kind of tom heads should I use?

    Same for me on the last RC kit that I had. I used clear G2's on the prior two RC kits, I believe.
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    How do you feel about drums made in Taiwan?

    My Taiwan made 2007 Gretsch Renown stacks up against any of the kits that have passed through my hands over the years - multiple Recording Customs, 1960's - early 2000 Ludwig's, Premier Genista and vintage Premier, Pearl Masters, Tama Starclassic, as well as my 60's Round Badge and early 80's...
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    what kind of tom heads should I use?

    I used the Evans G12 clear on my Recording Custom kit. Great stick feel and nice tone.
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    Heads for vintage Gretsch Kit?

    I recently picked up a 60's Gretsch Round Badge Progresive Jazz kit in the Red Glass Glitter wrap. I ordered Remo Classic Fit Ambassador (single ply) heads and they went and tuned up fine. An unplayed regular Ambassador was on the rack tom and I had a hard time removing it.
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    Your band's original Music Videos - wanted

    I am a partner in a new media company that is getting ready to launch the first of several web based television channels. Some of the channels will be focused on sports, K-12 education (elementary, middle school, high school) plus some adult education, while others will be focused on other...
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    Ludwig Blue Marble kit

    I picked up this beautiful Ludwig Blue Marble kit recently. It is from 1994. It still had the original heads on it. These were hand painted kits and only made for a couple of years due to the time and labor involved to make the kits. It really is a work of art. I have only seen pictures of 2...
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    Vintage Leedy Snare, BAss and Hardware

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I picked up some vintage 1930's Leedy gear. I was told these had been used by a professional drummer in the mid 30's. They had been donated to a church by family members. They are in need of some TLC, but...