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    I saw an interview with Simon Phillips and he used a paint can in his kick drum in the studio. One commenter said they use a KickBrik “which does the same thing”. When I search for this, all I get are educational materials. What are they and what do they do?
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    As most gatherings over 50 are discouraged, this makes sense. I do gigs in a country band & most bars we play in have 50 as the minimum occupancy! Keeping yourself safe for the time being is just being smart. Yeah, you'll get his cut, but be understanding of why he's doing it. For example: I...
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    So was the DW Subwoofer a passing fancy?

    The US. The 20" length does take up a bit more stage real estate, but I compensate by sitting further back.
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    So was the DW Subwoofer a passing fancy?

    Agreed. I have a Gretsch 22x20 "cannon kick" whose extra length splits the difference between the 24 and the 22. It still fits in a 22" case and gives me all the punch and boom I could want. I don't see any 23" cases or heads for that DW drum at any drum shop I walk into. I'd love to play one...
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    Very good! Thanks for this follow up. 🤘
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    Hope I spelled that right. Many moons ago, Ludwig had their Super Classic and did "Vibra-Fibing" (added a thin layer of fiberglass inside the shells) that added a brightness to the whole kit. Does any drum company still do this? Is it something that can be done to an existing shell?
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    Experienced drummer needs guidance on learning the basics

    Check out Rob Brown on YouTube. He has many videos that help with just this very thing. I've used him a lot when I just want to "get back to basics" and it's done wonders.
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    "Gospel Chops"...I just don't get it.................

    Nate from the 80/20 Drummer did a video where he was given a cease and desist letter for using the term "Gospel Chops" in his lessons. Seems it's a website touting spiritual messages and musical lessons and they took objection to him using their name to describe over the top drumming. I for one...
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    Did a search, no avail. Anyone know the shell sizes of his A Show of Hands Ludwig kit? It was right in the "power tom era" & it looks like 24's but I'm not sure.
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    Just got fired from band

    These two expectations/demands would have me heading for the door voluntarily. A player like this is either a unicorn or is a "Pro Tools drummer" (i.e. one that's just programmed in). Bands like these will quickly come to realize their expectations make playing with other humans impossible and...
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    Drum shaming..

    Jared Faulk will usually have a good video on these topics, but for the most part, that studio is pretty legit. I too have seen a few other than nice YouTubers going the shaming route trying to get non-confident drummers on the hook to do better by their snake oil "lessons". Don't fall for it...
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    Playing with logs

    Mike Portnoy does this too. His drum tech will wrap the butt end of one stick and the taper of the other. Then have them arranged on the kit in such a way as so Mike can grab the right one for the desired hand.
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    Playing with logs

    Unreal. I don't know how players using heavier sticks can get the finger control necessary for good sticking. They just make it work I guess, but I only use them for practice.
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    Axis Sonic hammer mod

    I use the Iron Cobra beaters on my DW5k’s and it was night and day in terms of feel. I don’t like those dual “ice cubes” DW sends with their pedals, and the IC’s fit perfectly.
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    Does the cymbal stand make a difference in the cymbal's sound?

    I for one don’t see how this would be an issue in the studio or live. In the final mix of studio songs, only the initial attack and about half the fade of cymbals is heard anyway. And in a live setting, your crashes are pretty much immediately drowned out by the other instruments. I wouldn’t...