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    Offspring Cover Band (Gone Away) w/ Drum solo

    Hi haven't posted in forever. Here's a fun little drum solo leading into the song "Gone Away". This is played with my offspring cover band. Went a little too ham with the solo at the beginning, but hey, everyone drops sticks once in a while lol Enjoy
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    Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold (a7x) Drum cover (only pillows... yep pillows)

    As the title says. Playing on the pillows. Don't judge me, apartments are rough :P Bat country - Avenged Sevenfold (a7x) 1st and only take/attempt. Little sloppy with two absolutely terrible mistakes but i'm too lazy to try a second time so enjoy...
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    Dream Theater and Blink 182 Pillow covers

    Two covers I did a few weeks ago, one is blink 182's first date and the other is part of instrumedley by dream theater. I'd do the whole instrumedley but i haven't taken the time to sit down and memorize it or write out it out (so much difficult counting). Either way, enjoy...
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    First Date- Blink 182 - Pillow Drumming Cover

    My own rendition of first date by blink 182 on my pillows. Dont judge just enjoy ;) This was taken in one take/shot so it does include a little sloppy mistake here and there but im okay with that. Let me know if you guys want me to make more...
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    A Chorus Line - Music and the mirror Drum cam

    Hey everyone, been a while since I posted here let alone uploaded a video. I played the drums for the musical, "A Chorus Line," for a local theater company this summer, and "Music and the Mirror" was probably the best song for the drums, so I figured i'd put my Iphone on a music stand next to...
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    Played with any big names latley?

    Sorry if this thread has been done but I was just wondering. Have any of you guys played with any seasoned pro's/big names in the music business lately/ever? Yesterday, I played with Robin Eubanks, a world class trombonist, and I also played with a great trumpet player named Brad Goode a few...
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    Leaving Drums in Heat

    I might have to leave my drums in my car for about 15-25 hours in 90+ degree Fahrenheit temperatures. Will this do damage to them or am I ok?
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    Jazz Snare Head help

    Hey guys I'm going to be drumming for the show 'City of Angles' soon, and I'm currently working with a Pearl session Kit. I'm looking for advice/favorites for jazz snare heads. I want a dry crack out of my snare if possible. Advice?
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    Great Lesson on Keeping Time

    This lesson can easily be adapted for drummers. Never even thought about doing things like this. Great for beginnners, intermediates, and even advanced players. Enjoy
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    Red Bull Drum Competition- Help us win!

    So here's the deal...we recently won the Red Bull Tum Tum Pa drumming competition at Miami University, and are now entered into the national competition. We are in the midwest division, with a chance to win a free week all expense paid trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the international...
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    Audio upload help

    Hey so I have a few Jazz tunes with me drumming from my colleges jazz ensemble that i'd like to upload but it says there is an error. I simply uploaded the file but its not working right. Any Help fellers?
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    Some backsticking

    Some cool little back sticking. Hope you guys enjoy
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    Covering Carter

    I just obtained a book known as "Best of Dave Matthews Band for Drums." Wow. Difficult. I've played through drum books covering the music of Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Dream Theater, all of which were more difficult to play than the previous, but I was always able to at least sight read...
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    Hardest Trick I Know

    Hardest trick i know. Im not even remotley consistent at it (i get it less than half the time) but its a definite crowd pleaser. Enjoy
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    Some cool Licks

    Just fooling around with my webcam playing a couple snare licks, with some back sticking involved. Im not quite as good as I was because of college but I've still got most of my chops i feel. Tell me what you think. Enjoy