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    I'm getting really good at practice pad

    ...but no good on snare. What's the use of practice pad work when the snare and toms feel SO different? I like working out on the pad (because it's easier) but it just doesn't seem to translate into any progress on real drums. Even the most basic rudiments feel and sound really different, to...
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    Revisiting Gene Krupa book...closed rolls

    Just for kicks I bought the Gene Krupa Drum Method which my first teacher started me on many years ago. I found where I got confused about buzz rolls. Krupa didn't believe in teaching those early on, and wanted the student to learn to close a double stroke roll or "daddy mammy" rolls, LOL. He...
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    middle finger in trad grip

    I read through the big Trad Grip thread and am not finding an answer: What exactly is the role of the middle finger in trad grip? I've played trad grip for many years but started taking lessons this summer and my teacher right away noticed my fingers coming off the stick in my left hand -...
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    how to use Stick Control

    How do people use it? how do teachers recommend using it? Stone says do each exercise 20 times and move on. But at what speeds should you be proficient before moving on?
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    head response / bounciness

    Is stick response off a head just a matter of how much the head is tightened? My drums have always been flabby and not very responsive. In the past I've played other guys' sets that had real nice bounceback on the snare especially, almost like a practice pad. So lately I have been...
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    press rolls with trad grip

    I'm trying to find videos of people playing press rolls with trad grip. This is the only one I've found of this guy in Poland. It's all in the first 60 secs. The guy's right hand looks just like my left when I do these, rolled over with index and...
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    swinging the 8th notes (Art of Bop Drumming)

    OK so I got this book last night and was reading through it. I'm really interested in Riley's section on how to read lead sheets. Right now I'm reading comping exercises written out in triplet form but would like to make the transition to the real-world version (finally). But I don't get the...
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    need help with press rolls

    I'm new here and though I've been playing a lot of years, I am still struggling with doing press rolls and incorporating them into my playing. There was never much call for them in rock or country so I got away without them for a long time but always felt like sort of a fraud. Never did any...