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    My Performance of Yes’s Ritual Drum Solo - Shared by Prog Magazine!

    Great playing! The talent on this site is insane!
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    Arizona Drummer - New 30 Seconds to Mars Cover

    Killing it, man! I'd hate to be one of your cymbals, lol! Nice playing!!
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    Sheffield Songo - (Peter Fernandes)

    Great playing!
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    Michael Jackson Cover is Live!

    Really nice job!!
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    Lollipop Graveyard

    Awesome stuff, man!!
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    More Rush - The Trees

    One of my all time favorites!
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    Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

    Great job, man!!
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    Carter Beauford Replica

    Nice playing... someone needs to tell the (acoustic) guitar player the people he's playing for are behind him ;-)
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    Anyone know what finish this is?

    I'm not sure what that finish is but I have a 7 pc Red Mahogany Burst Bubinga kit, just like the one in the pic (I believe that's black nickel hardware), and they are incredible sounding/looking drums. If you were (initially) looking at that, you would not be disappointed.
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    RUSH - YYZ drum cover

    Yes, great cover... not sure how I missed this. Very well done!
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    Todd Sucherman / Styx

    My first concert (ever) was Styx in 1983 in Atlanta, at the Omni. It just so happened I was in NY last week and they were playing just down from my hotel at the Westbury Theater Thursday night, so I got a ticket. What a show!! James Young and Tommy Shaw are legendary and Todd Sucherman was...
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    GRANDPA Looking for Used Drum Set for GRANDSON (He is only 8 years old) Any Suggestions?

    I think the size of the bass drum is probably the most critical attribute for a set an 8 yo will be playing... color is probably second 😉. I have twin boys and if they’d wanted some drums at that age, I would have found an 18” bass drum/kit with shallow toms.
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    Drum tracking-prog metal

    More great stuff!
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    Drum Solo-Intro

    Yes, excellent stuff!!
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    Wall Mounted Music Stand with Extending Arm

    I'm hoping someone might be able to point me to a wall mounted Music Stand with extending arm that would allow me to push it against the wall when not in use. Something similar to this, but would screw into the wall (sorry, can't get the pic to show so I'm including a link)...