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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Would: C&C, British Drum Company, Sonor Wouldn't: Pearl, Yamaha, Mapex
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    Buyers Market

    I don’t see this as a buyer‘s market at this time. I bought a 1967 Acrolite in good - not great shape - for $350. That was an average price for the condition on Reverb for the past year or so. (It’s actually slightly higher priced.)
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    Tuning a C& C kit for recording

    Which model C&C kit are you playing? The Player Date I is never going to give you a bright, crisp sound. The wood and edges give the drums a warm, tubby sound. It simply isn’t built for a bright sound.
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    Tama Dyna- Sync Observation

    Hmm...that’s interesting. I wonder what I can do to try to compensate for the lack of a cam. I mean, I have a pretty heavy beater/weight on there now.
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    Tama Dyna- Sync Observation

    Thanks guys. The beater is exactly the same one I was using with my DW pedal. I can try some other ones, but the DW one has a weight on it so it’s pretty heavy already. And just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to compensate for poor technique when I bought the Dyna-sync. Rather, I had read that is...
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    Tama Dyna- Sync Observation

    I recently picked up a new Tama Dyna-Sync bass drum pedal. I had been using my trusty DW 5000 for the past couple of years, but I read several reviews about how smooth and quick the Dyna-Sync is. After playing with this pedal for a few weeks, I noticed that it definitely is smooth and quick...
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    Ludwig Classic maple "Hepcat"

    One word: Resell Even ugly Ludwig finishes will have much better resell value than the Oriollos. I know, I’ll “definitely“ keep this set forever. Except life doesn’t work that way. So, knowing I’ll be selling these drums someday would influence my choice. Wouldn’t make the final...
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    Ludwig Club Date USA or Gretsch Brooklyn

    I have a set of Brooklyns and to my ears they do not sound like the Renowns. The Brooklyns sound like a slightly vintage, modern drum set. They don’t have the attack of modern drums (like the Renowns) but they aren’t as tubby as vintage drums. I prefer the Brooklyns to the USA Customs because...
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    What is your favorite toms configuration?

    I'm currently a big fan of 1 up/2 down. I specifically play a 20/12/14/16 with a 14" snare for almost all situations. If there isn't space, I'll go to a 20/12/14 or a 22/12/16 setup.
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    Top 10 kits of 2020...

    Thank you for the thoughtful response. I went back and listened to the PDP set. The bass is wonderful, I agree. Nice choice!
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    Top 10 kits of 2020...

    I have no problem with anyone's playing on these videos. I actually appreciate the different sounds/mics/playing that are presented. I just am not inspired by any of these kits. Most of the other videos you have done get me interested in the product. (Your Gretsch, C&C, and Ludwig shootouts are...
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    Anyone on here own a shell bank? Any regrets?

    I actually have three shell banks. I have a C&C 12th and Vine, a Rogers 1967, and a 1969 Ludwig set. All of these drums are 22, 20,16,14,13, and 12". No regrets at all for me. I can do just about any genre, in any situation that I could forsee playing in with these drums.
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    Top 10 kits of 2020...

    Honestly, besides the Sonor (which I hate the look of) none of these kits interest me in the slightest. I am not a fan of attack heavy tones. The PDP sounds decent but that’s about it. All the rest of these kits leave me absolutely unimpressed.
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    Does Anyone Actually Gig with A&F Kits and Snares?

    I have wood hoops on my C&C kit, so it does have claw hook tension rods. I never have any issue with the drums going out of tune. Levon Helm gigged a ton with his Ludwig drums that had claw hook tension rods. I don't see how he could have managed that amount of touring/gigging with his drums...
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    Does Anyone Actually Gig with A&F Kits and Snares?

    I have no dog in this race, as I neither own nor am passionately against owning am A&F snare, but a couple of things come to my mind. First off, I never, and I mean absolutely never, see anyone gigging a Yamaha Phoenix, a Tama Star, a DW exotic, etc.... High end kits are rare as it is. I don’t...