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    Chuck Silverman free Live Streaming Lesson

    Hi all I'd like to invite you to a free live lesson this coming Monday, 11 AM and 5 PM, at There will ne no need to log in. The lesson will be right on the site. This is my new subscription site. I hope some of you can make this. Rhythmically, Chuck
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    The Latin Rudiments. A couple of videos

    Friends A couple of recent videos which elaborate on concepts found in my new book, The Latin Rudiments Clave with Alternating Singles Using the "Son Clave with Flams" as a groove. 20% Discount when ordering The Latin Rudiments...
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    Chuck Silverman. The Latin Rudiments

    Drummerworld Friends I've just released a new book, The Latin Rudiments. If you click through to the CreateSpace site you can read all about the "how" and "why" of the production. There will be mp3s available soon as a separate download. If you've got any questions please just post them...
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    New book from Chuck S. "The Latin Rudiments"

    Friends I'm very proud to say that my new book, The Latin Rudiments, is now available at and Remember that the mp3 files will be available within the next two weeks. Thank you for your interest, support and friendship...
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    Documentary about Cuban Folkloric Drumming. Please read

    Dear DrummerWorld Friends, I've begun a fundraising effort in order to produce a documentary about my teachers in Cuba, those who are aging and need their rich heritage of drumming and culture documented. I'll put the information here and hope you'll take a moment to check it out. Have an...
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    Chuck Silverman. Doc. Project. Contribute today!

    Hi Friends and Drummers Keepers of the Flame - Cuban Folkloric Drumming Traditions is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Keepers of the Flame - Cuban Drumming Tradition must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are...
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    Salvador, Brasil 2 week Drum Camp

    hey group I'm organizing a two week trip in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil March 24-April 7. Two weeks of drums and percussion with excellent teachers. 40 Hours of study and playing over the two weeks. Please write for more info!! Thanks Chuck
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    Chuck Silverman in Rome

    Performing at Batteria Drum school today in Rome. Pictures to follow. Hope to see some DrummerWorld friends there! All the best Chuck
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    Chuck Silverman in Italy. Sept 15-25

    Hey DrummerWorld I'm leaving for a brief CLinic/Master Class tour in Italy. I'll be in Biella (near Torino) with Andrea Beccaro September 15, 16, in TReviso (near Venice) with Mauro Gatto, Sept 19 and 20 and then in Rome with Lucrezio di Setta September 22, 23. I hope to meet some DrummerWorld...
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    Chuck Silverman. Subscription Site and Skype Lessons

    Fellow Drummers A brief note about my subscription site, I am currently uploading more lessons to the site, which will soon include Cuban and Brazilian drum set lessons, Snare Drum Tech. lessons, my Latin Funk Connection lessons and more. I hope you'll check it out...
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    My New Subscription Site (Chuck Silverman) Happy Holidays! I'm off to Cuba in two days. Very excited to go back to the land of drums and rhythm. I hope all of you have a beautiful Holiday Season filled with love. Please do check out my new site and, if you have the inkling, join up. There'll be many more...
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    Chuck Silverman. New Subscription Lessons site.

    Hello friends. Happy Holidays. I leave soon for Cuba and will be pretty much incommunicado while there. If you're interested in my programs, please email or FB me. Next program in Cuba is March, then June. Please do check out my new subscription lessons site ( and...
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    Chuck Silverman offering lessons via Skype

    Friends Thanks for taking a moment to read this. I am now offering lessons via Skype. There's a resurgence in interest in what, I am honored to say, my teachers had to say and teach about technique. Both Richard Wilson and Murray Spivack had a major influence on me. I'd like to share this with...
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    Chuck Silverman.Skype Lessons

    Skype Lessons are now available! With the help of my tech-savvy friends, I've connected my ProTools rig through Skype. I'm offering a special one hour price for the first month, through October 20th. Please message me or email me at for more info. PayPal is the best way...
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    Spivack/Wilson DVD and eBook available

    Friends Thank you for your interest in my work as musician/author/educator and, if you have purchased any of my drum education productions. I have two new productions, whose description can be found here: This is my new digital download DVD...