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    midi pads w/ DAW or stand alone units; wading into adding electronics to acoustic kit

    Self contained units tend to be built for the road and fairly bomb proof. Computers are a bit more fragile and the drummers who use them professionally have redundancy - two identical units ready to go should one fail. There are a lot of great options. Roland has individual sample pads, the TM-1...
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    Roland TD-17KVX2 and EZdrummer 3

    The video you posted is about using the TD17 as your audio device, which you never wanted to or needed to do.
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    Roland TD-17KVX2 and EZdrummer 3

    That is so you can hear EZdrummer through the TD17. I would avoid doing that. Your audio interface should be the 'audio device' through which you are monitoring EZD3. I've never heard of 'vendor mode'. If that's so you can use the TD17 as your audio monitor I would reset it back to the original...
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    The Black Beauty on records

    Since the 90's a lot of drum samples are being used. Maybe not to replace the original snare sound, but in the least to alter it. You really don't know who used what and when. I used to use a lot of different snares on each album session. Two of my favourites were Ludwig BB 6.5" (B/O badge 70's)...
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    I owe the IRS for 2018..

    Yeah, I'm not disputing that.
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    I owe the IRS for 2018..

    It's all too complex though, with multiple loopholes that disadvantage ordinary working people.
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    I owe the IRS for 2018..

    Couldn't agree more. The UK is hell bent on lowering taxes. We are seeing rising crime, decrepit public services and a two week wait to see your doctor. Many European countries have higher taxes, which having visited recently equals free or cheap healthcare, tidy and modern city centres. As for...
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    Cheap (inexpensive) vs high dollar snaredrums....

    I made a decision to stick with my Craviotto Black Cherry snare drum - my most versatile snare.
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    Is this song's opening considered a shuffle of other?

    The Wizard track is a shuffle (that is the drum feel). It seems to be in slow 4, with some chord changes and drum fills on odd places in the bar. If you count slow 4 the melody and chords almost always change on 1 (the downbeat).
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    Is this song's opening considered a shuffle of other?

    Shuffle is about feel and groove, not time signature. The video is 7/8, with all the 8th and 16th notes played straight, not swung.
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    Is the James Gadson 16th note shuffle suitable for blues?

    Shuffles are in 4/4 or 12/8, not 3. Most blues songs are counted in with 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. A lot of jazz standards (with the classic dotted feel) are counted in with 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. It's just a 4 with a swung groove as opposed to 4 with a straight groove.
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    Old people being cheated by their children

    What is the relevance?
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    Old people being cheated by their children

    I've already written my will. I have no children but I'm leaving some money (as well as some valuables) to my two nieces. That is MY choice. The bulk of my money (and house) is going to my partner, if she lives on after me. At the point of her death whatever is left ALL goes to eco charities...
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    Compensating for pedal natural wiggle

    As above. It's just unconscious with me now. The front part of my foot never leaves the pedal, and controls the pedal. The back part of my foot goes up and down, mostly up, but can be down if there are gaps between the bass drum hits, or I'm not playing the bass drum for a bar or more.
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    Battery power on stage.

    There should just be mains power for the drummer, end of story.