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    39 degrees Celsius and not even summer yet!

    El Niño is in effect.
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    Craviotto Drum Kits

    I think that's right. They are very good sounding, but not head and shoulders above many other well made drums.
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    What are the best sounding low volume cymbals on the market

    Most of the Istanbul line-up are meant to be played at lower volumes and sound lower volume when played. Particularly OM and Signature. I find smaller cymbals are sharper sounding, so larger diameter works best (for me), they speak slower and don't splash in a harsh way. In the end, a lot of...
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    39 degrees Celsius and not even summer yet!

    All temps in the UK get quoted in celsius.
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    Recorded drum sounds

    I often add samples to my recorded drums. I'm not replacing the organic recording of my kit, but I'll add a slightly deeper snare sample at low volume just to beef up my own. Likewise a sample reinforcing my bass drum. It's routine in a lot of contemporary music, especially when mixing. The main...
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    39 degrees Celsius and not even summer yet!

    There's already been quite a few unusually hot spells for spring in Sydney I think. 2023 is highly likely to be the hottest year since records began.
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    You sound the way you sound regardless of the PDP or the $8500 DW Exotic

    Sure, I think everything you write is pretty spot on. The drums I play are the ones I want to hear as I'm playing. I have played many rubbish rental kits, especially in Eastern Europe etc. It's no fun. I am sure it sounded ok and I basically sounded like me. But I would rather play something...
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    What's the obsession with cost vs value vs sound ?

    That is true, but as the player playing the instrument you want it to sound good, perform well. I struggled in the studio, hated my drum sound. I knew a lot of top players at the time were recording with Yamaha Rec Custom. Then I was in the room the Jerry Marotta set up and played his Yamaha kit...
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    "The recording Process did it ever make or break a drummer?

    You aren't born sounding good in the studio. It is learned, with experience and having made mistakes. No I never questioned studio personnel about the mics or the eq, but I definitely interrogated them all the time about what I could do to make the drums sound the best they could in the studio...
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    What's the obsession with cost vs value vs sound ?

    My point was I still took my lead from the pro drummers I looked up to. I didn't go into a drum shop, try everything and bought what I liked on the day. I looked at what other pro drummers were using every day in critical situations.
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    Craviotto Drum Kits

    My two favourite and most used currently available kits are a Noble & Cooley Horizon and a Pork Pie I bought used. My other best sounding kit is a 1960's Oaklawn Camco. I rent a lot of modern mainstream drum sets and although they all sound great, they don't sound as great (from my drum chair)...
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    What's the obsession with cost vs value vs sound ?

    That's a time consuming and expensive way to go. I have always looked at the people I want to emulate and made a note of what they are using. I bought a Yamaha Recording Custom because Jerry Marotta sounded absolutely amazing playing his. I walked past a drum shop in London every day. They had a...
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    New producers wrecking old songs/albums.

    Rick Beato's subscribers are mostly his age. The phrase 'echo chamber' comes to mind.
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    What's the obsession with cost vs value vs sound ?

    I think you are right. Most drum stores these days have few kits in stock, and even less they'll let you try (they are high on a display with pristine heads on them). I have never been able to audition something in a non musical context and make an informed decision. Maybe comparing something...
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    ...Gear crash is coming..

    Again, where did I say that? I didn't. I said that any claim that 'digital is not anywhere near as good as analog' is a misrepresentation of the facts.