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    Gretsch Cat Maple Mounting System

    Help ... ! I am looking for the size of the mounting system for the toms. I see that most of the mounts are for 12.7mm and the Gretsch Website says they use the " GTS suspension system with ball-socket tom holders for flexible tom positioning," but it doesn't come out and say 12.7mm and it...
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    Benny's iPhone app..

    Anyone seen this? Pretty cool! There's a link to it on his website Don't cut it short. Watch the whole demo! This is pretty cool. Oh, I already said that. Q:-) EDIT: Evidently it's a modified version of this...
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    Terry's outfit!

    Okay. the solo is awesome. And, I know playing for Zappa had to be just a blast, but, when was the last time you played (in public,) wearing what Terry is wearing ..?
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    Encouragement for frustration

    If you are working on anything that is frustrating you lately, don't fret. This may help you feel better.. I feel a little better!
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    Drum Battle Prison

    This is great! Don't know if this has been posted before but I just had too.
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    Efrain Toro

    I was just blown away by this guy.. I am in the instructional design/ educational industry and have done my fair share of time at the podium. This guy is the coolest instructor I have ever seen! Granted I only watched the free (first) lesson. (going out of town, but when I get back I am...
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    What else had Gene Played on?

    Hi all, Wow, it's been a while. Anyways, I was looking around at smoe YouTube stuff and ran across this. Kind of goes in line with the playing with matches thing. Something else Gene finds to play on. just had to share!
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    Quick Beats

    I'm getting Ready for a Cymbal upgrade. Back in the mid 80s I used to have a set of Quick Beats. I loved these hats. There are always quite a few going on eBay so getting a pair isn't a problem. I want to get something that is practical. I remember liking these hats, but times change, playing...
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    How many pieces?

    OK. We talk a lot about how many drums and cymbals is enough. How about the size of the band? if you could put together the "YOUR NAME HEAR" BAND, what would it be? Mine would be... I would love to put together a four piece band with, (1) Drums, (2) Bass, (3) Guitar, and (4) Violin. The type...
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    Steve Caught a Buzz!

    I'm not sure how much I am going to worry about snare buzz anymore. I just picked up a pretty decent pair of headphones and I'm listening to things in a whole new light. I happened to listen to Steve Smith on Steve Smith: Drum Solo Lesson and even though I could always here a little bit of a...
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    Cool Setup

    Take a look at the Drums! Carrie Underwood Invitation Only Not super practical, but, very showy. Given the opportunity would you like to try something like this..? I'f I played for a big act and had the opportunity to play a small gig like that, It would probably be fun.. But, I guess if I...
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    Spang-a-lang subtle or...

    Is this a matter of subtlety or semantics? As a musician I have always seen a shuffle written as such: 4/4 for th is example... ||: [quarter] - [dotted 8th] - [16th] :|| However, lately I have seen the shuffle written : ||: [quarter] - [triplet 8th] - [triplet 8th rest] - [triplet 8th]...
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    DC Star

    Any one from the Washington DC (USA) area remember a band called DC Star? - back in the late 70s early 80s They mainly did cover tunes... I can't remember the drummer's name. I was just wondering if I could track him down to see what he is doing (if anything) now. He was quite an amazing...
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    Attaching Bass Pedal

    How tight do you attach your pedal to your drum hoop. On my old set I used to have tight enough so that if you picked up the bass drum the pedal would daty attached. However, this messed up the hoop. What does everyone else do about this..?
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    What size drum sticks for a 12 Yr old?

    Just got my nephew a snare drum. Want to get the sticks too. He is 12 going on 13. I know when I started (at 11) I used a bigger stick. thought I'd put this to all of you who teach. What is the best size stick for my nephew? Thanks