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    Book for Beginner Students

    Heya fellas and gals and other critters What book would be good to recommend a beginner student to purchase/learn out of? I would think something which has some snare/bass sight-reading exercises and simple variations/beats and musical theory related stuff would be good but having never learnt...
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    A Studio Engineer's 'How to set up and record drums'

    I came across this while looking on the producer, Andy Sneap's forum (he's produced for a heck lot of metal bands) - while this is not Andy Sneap himself it is another studio owner/producer's guide to...
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    Tamas with no reso heads? Non-ply shells?

    Hey guys, I recently came into the possession of an old Tama kit. When I say old, its fair old. Older than me anyway. The thing is I'm unsure of its model, I was told Imperial Star. Anyway I took some photos, funny thing is it lacks any reso heads or lugs and has a fairly shallow depth like the...
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    Identifying an old Zildjian cymbal

    Hey guys, I recently acquired an old set of Zildjian cymbals. The problem is they have no identifying marks, the only thing I have to go by are its weight and the stamp. Any suggestions? They are fairly heavy cymbals, designed for heavier stuff. I believe the line of text reads A.Zildjian&CO...