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    Drummer Learns Bass - a lockdown identity crisis ;)

    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing ok with the current circumstances around the world. I've been finding it a bit harder to practice drums recently with pretty much all gigs for the foreseeable future being cancelled. Last June I was given a Fender Precision bass for a gift and started learning...
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    New tune.. Footage from the studio session

    Hey, hope everyone's well. Had a bit of studio time recently for a workshop for trainee sound engineers in London and we did it as a kind of live lounge session and videoed it. I invited some musician friends and wrote a tune for septet at very short notice to get the ball rolling - went for a...
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    Videos from my debut album launch

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well. As you might have seen, I ran a crowdfunding campaign a few months ago to record and release a debut album. Amongst lots of friends and family, some nice people from the forum kindly helped out including Guru drums and Protection Racket to make it happen -...
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    Crowdfunding campaign to record debut album

    Hi everybody, I have some exciting news - I have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to record a debut album! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind checking it out if you have time please? I am aiming to produce a professional quality debut album. Including recording, mixing, mastering and CD...
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    Drum Day in London - Saturday 28th April

    Hi everyone, thought some of the Londers here might be interested in this drum day which is taking place tomorrow. Hope you can make it along to this event on Saturday organised by drummer Michele Drees – five drum clinics at Karamel in North London. There are more details at these links...
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    Cygnus Flare and the Serj Tankian challenge

    Hey everyone, my band has recorded a tune for this 7 note challenge set by Serj Tankian from System of a Down - hope you can check it out! Serj wrote the first 7 notes and the challenge was to finish the tune - our pianist Arman Vardanyan finished writing it and then brought it to the band and...
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    Cygnus Flare gig at Pizza Express Soho, London, 31st May

    Hey everyone, we had a really fun gig last week at an iconic London jazz venue.. Our biggest gig yet! We didn't record proper video footage but here are a few short clips from the gig that I wanted to share, hope you enjoy. Next up we're playing at Ronnie Scott's.. can't wait...
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    Band video, some drum soloing kinda widdle

    Hi everyone, here's a short video from a gig my band Cygnus Flare did last month in London. It's a clip from a Latin'y tune written by our pianist, Arman, and was really fun to play live and improvise over, we're kind of trading phrases for a bit of it. Hope you enjoy...
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    Jazzy little tune I wrote, brought to life by my band

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share one of a few tunes that I've composed recently. My band played it last night on a gig and they really brought it to life. It's called Diatone. Here's another tune from the gig, Tunnel Travel, which was written by our pianist Arman...
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    Drummer / Musician Blogs

    Hi everyone, I went to a really inspiring event last week at the Musicians' Union headquarters in London, and one thing they really encouraged us to do was to work on having a good online presence. I've taken that on board and have started writing a blog - it's hopefully nothing too...
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    History of Ride Placement

    Hi everyone, I'm curious to find out more about how the general placement of ride cymbals has evolved over the years and wondered if anyone here knows much about this, maybe some of the older generations? The impression I have is that it was (to generalise) around what I'd call a medium to...
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    New band video

    Hi everyone, thought I'd share these new videos from my band, they're not very drum-oriented I'm afraid - bit of a different concept :) Hope you like them. Caroline
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    Hit Like A Girl competition entry

    *** UPDATE: Public voting is now open, so please consider voting for my entry or for some of the other great entries. It's very quick and easy to vote at the following link (lets you sign in through facebook as opposed to registering to vote)...
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    Harvard study of time keeping and groove

    Hi all, I thought some of you might be interested in these studies of time keeping tendencies for musicians and non-musicians. After reading this one and finding it interesting, I contacted and met up with Holger to find...
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    Promo video by a new band

    Hey everyone. If you have a couple of minutes to spare please check out this video from my new band. We started writing music this summer and have put together a promo video to try getting some gigs. We're London based and on the lookout for other bands that might be playing music of a similar...