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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    Yes, indeed, absolutely top notch build quality, just has the right balance of shell sound to snare, although as you can see I like a lot of snare sound. This drum really delivers exactly what what you play, unusually for me I adore the backbeat sound WITH rimshot.
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    Reprise, did not show any photos and since I am taking old reliable out for a date tomorrow her she is…..considering the mileage she’s looking mighty fine - long term hardcases protect your gear.
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    Jazz “ Left Side” cymbals

    Well my left ride is a 19“ crash specifically a 19“ Bosphorus New Orleans crash. Makes a great controlled left ride for subtler delivery, when main 22 ride is sonic overload and 15 hats are too precise. Not a basher cymbal, really blends into the background with just enough presence to ensure I...
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    Do You Hold On To Stuff You're Not Using?

    I keep most of my gear. I have two full kits ( stave & ply) with stands and cases and a selection of snares and cymbals. A good kit is a a good kit and doesn’t really go out of style provided you don’t go for overly deep or shallow sizes or unusual colour. However, like many of us I traded up...
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    Snare Drum Angle: Am I Hindering Myself?

    It’s perfectly possible to check the flatness of snare drum at a gig, it simply requires the positioning of 1 pint of barrel matured water, hops, and malt placed dead centre - check level and then remove by ingestion. Repeat procedure until either snare is level to the floor or you are on the...
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    Detune that snare drum

    Larry, to be fair my original post (premise) was a little vague, I myself just drop the tension on one lug by one turn only (8 lug metal drum with a lot of snare sound). I don’t do it to decrease overtones I do it so my backbeat (what I would describe as soft rim shots) are totally slightly...
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    Detune that snare drum

    In contrast to the current trends in obtaining perfect tension/tuning I generally prefer to slightly detune the lugs at around 7 o’clock in order to elicit a slightly fatter (harmonically complex) snare sound. This approach is far from new but current trends and products (dial tune) seem to...
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    My oldest snare is a Brady Jarrah ply 14 x 5.5 bought new in 1996, used on many hundreds of gigs. Always cuts and is very sensitive. A nice drum.
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    Snare Poll

    I voted A&F club maple, because I've never played one or heard it in person.
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    A Drum Shop Database Thread

    I agree with Larry, let’s complicate this, first up I live in England, UK (the real one not the Noble and Cooley Xanadu) and over here there is no such thing as a geographic state, the queen won’t allow it. The term you are reaching for is County. So the naming headers should run...
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    Snare Poll

    This is a nonense, unless you have played these snare drums in person you really can’t make are an informed decision on them let alone rank them. The feel and functionality of a drum cannot be gauged from afar.
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    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    My favourite funk set-up Yamaha MCAN 22, 12, 10, 16, Dunnett 14 x 6 snare and cymbals Bosphorus New Orleans 15 hats, 19 crash, Istanbul 22“ 30th anniversary ride and Zildjian special dry trash 19” crash/effect.
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    Not in vogue but good nonetheless

    The thread on Paiste cymbal rigs reminded me, the best time to buy used drum gear is when it’s totally out of style. For example I bought my entire Paiste Twenty set up for a fraction of the cost because dark, thin, trashy cymbals were hip and being heavily advertised and touted by all. Paiste...
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    Your Paiste Cymbal Rig

    I mainly use Bosphorus and Istanbul but when things get loud I pull these sonic knives out.
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    what cases to buy?

    My preference is hardcase, for me being able to stack a kit after a performance and leave it secure in the knowledge that it won’t get dented/scratched up/spilled upon is important. Hardcases are a little heavier but offer way more protection from all the hits taken during load in/out at a...