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    Double bass freedom- Virgil Donati?

    I'm looking to get into double bass and someone recommend this book for me. Last night I had the good fortune of seeing Plini and I was able to meet one of my favorite drummers after the show, Troy Wright. I asked him how he got into this style of music and he mentioned some things and said he...
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    When do you use singles vs doubles?

    This is something that I have wondered. When do you use singles stroke rolls vs. double stroke rolls for fills, embellishments and the like? Is it a speed thing? A sound thing? I've been working on both lately and I'm sure once they are automatic it'll just happen, but for now I'm curious.
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    Where does one even start with progressive metal?

    Recently a new genre of music has unexpectedly entered my life, progressive metal. Rather quickly it's become one of my favorite styles of music to listen to and is insanely inspiring as a drummer. The drummers in this style are all very good, but I have no idea where to start with the music...
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    Jazz drum historians I need your help!

    I'm doing a presentation for my jazz history class that is focusing on the development of jazz drumming. I want to focus on how jazz drumming styles have evolved over time and I'd like to incorporate some playing into it as well as recordings of players. I was planning on starting with early...
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    So I have two rides. Maybe I shouldn't?

    Currently I have two rides a 20" Meinl Byzance Medium and a 20" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low. When I was buying cymbals this seemed like a good idea to me at the time. Two rides with some crashability sign me up. Now I'm wondering if that wasn't the best idea I've ever made. I'm wondering...
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    Double bass- should I learn to play single bass with my left foot first?

    I want to get into some double bass playing and I'm wondering if I should work my left foot like my right through songs and independence exercises. I think if I could get my left foot in the ball pro of my right, alternating singles and such wouldn't be so daunting. Thoughts?
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    My drumming goes to hell with other people's bass pedals

    Does this happen to anyone else? Whenever I play someone else's kit I can't play well. I'm so used to my own kick pedal that most feel super sluggish and it throws everything off for me. Most of my drumming involves faster bass drum work and I typically can't do it with other pedals. As an aside...
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    Thought of an interesting way to practice ghost note independence

    I've spent a bunch of time getting my right foot independent from my left and I'd say it's pretty good. However I don't feel that my independence between my hands is where it should be. A lot of the music I drum along to currently has relatively difficult syncopated kick parts with easy snare...
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    I need some good ghost note patterns

    I'm looking for some good left hand ghost note patterns in 4/4 or 6/8. Share some!
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    Jazz vs Latin (Afro-Cuban/Brazilian)

    Kind of a loaded question I guess, but what style would you say is harder? I've spent a good amount of time working on jazz so I can definitely fake my way through classic jazz stuff, but I do have a long way to go. Definitely not trying to claim that I'm the most swinging jazz drummer, but I...
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    Any rap or electronic groups use a live drummer on an electric kit?

    I've seen groups use an acoustic drummer before, but I don't think I've seen groups use an electronic kit. In most hip hop and electronic these days the drum sounds are different than from yesteryear. A lot of 808 stuff and the like. Some of the beats are actually really cool and I think using a...
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    Do you ever feel like drums are "less" of an instrument?

    I don't mean that literally, but do you ever feel weird about studying drums vs other instruments? I play four different instruments to varying degrees of success, with drums and guitar being my best. However, ever since I started playing drums my interest in other instruments has decreased a...
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    Post some good Steve Jordan clips

    I list Steve Jordan as one of my favorite drummers, but I'll be the first to admit that I've only really heard him play with John Mayer and a few others. Looking at his resume it strikes me that he's a waaaay deeper player than I previously knew. For instance he played with Sonny Rollins. I had...
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    Most of my favorite drummers have some great jazz chops

    I've realized that most of my favorite drummers have some serious jazz chops. Guys like Kris Myers of Umphreys McGee, Steve Jordan, JJ Johnson (John Mayer and Tedeschi Trucks Band) and various others. Definitely has inspired me to focus a lot of attention of jazz drumming right now.
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    Using a ride as a crash?

    I currently have two rides and a pair of hi hats. I'm wondering if it would be a good option to use my 20" zildjian medium thin Constantinople ride as a crash? I know some drummers use two rides while others use a ride and a crash. Any concerns with doing this? I'm used to the sound of a crash...